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Nov. 15, 2013

 Python Wheels, Celery 3.1,Micro Python and much more.

Issue #92: Wheel
Friday,  November 15th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!


We have a great issue for you this week, there is always plenty happening in the Python community and this week is no exception. Enjoy!

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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


Micro Python: Python for microcontrollers (

Neat project. The idea of this kickstarter is to make a slimmed down version of Python to program microcontrollers or in this case, the Micro Python board.


Python Wheels (

Wheels are the new standard of Python distribution meant to replace eggs. Learn about wheel, and how to create wheel packages for your python projects. Also see how many of the top downloaded Python packages offer wheels.


Celery 3.1 Has Been Released (

This has been a long awaited update for Celery. Tons of improvements and stability increases! Be sure to thank Ask.


Django Rest Framework 2.3.9 Released (

Bug fixes and compatibility issues with Django 1.6 has been resolved.


Twisted 13.2.0 Released (



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Python Modules You Should Know (




genesis (

Genesis is a graphical server management app that runs on top of arkOS. Connect to your arkOS node from any computer add features, modify settings or view its statistics.


cherrymusic (

A music streaming server written in python stream your own music collection to all your devices! Audiophiles rejoice.


pyaib (

This is an easy to use framework for writing IRC bots in python.


dataset (

This is pretty incredible, dataset makes reading and writing data in databases as simple as reading and writing JSON files. No more dealing with stray files your boss asked you to keep on top of.


flanker (

This currently consists of an address parsing library  as well as a MIME parsing library


marshmallow (

marshmallow is an ORM agnostic library for converting complex data types, such as objects,

into native python data types, which are easily converted to JSON for API consumption.



Python Jobs.


Software Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

at Findline Inc.


Python/Django Developer (London, UK)

at Tangent Labs.



Modelling a Basic Income with Python and Monte Carlo Simulation (

Basic income is a policy that has been talked about quite frequently lately. In this post the author models the basic income policy with Python and tests his model with a Monte Carlo Simulation.


Natural Language Processing using Python (

This post gives a brief rundown of tasks that can be performed with natural language processing and how they can be achieved with the popular Python library NLTK.


Ad-hoc Data Breakpoints (

Nice little function for when you need to trigger a breakpoint dynamically based on some action.


Python 2 vs. Python 3 A Retrospective [slides] (

These are slides from a talk given by Guido Van Rossum about the reasons why Python 3 was created.


The Story of None, True and False (

Guido Van Rossum answers the question why is it that None, True and False are keywords and not literals in Python? He also gives teaches the reader about literals, keywords and builtins in Python.


Painless Streaming Plots with Bokeh (

See how to do painless real time plotting with Bokeh. In this post the author streams data from Xbee Modules and then plots the data easily with less than 15 lines of code.


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