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Nov. 8, 2013

Django 1.6 released, PyDev 3.0, botomatic and much more.

Issue #91: 0x5B
Friday,  November 8th, 2013

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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


Django 1.6  and 1.4.10 released (

Django is out with 2 new releases this week, a bugfix release for Django 1.4 and the final version of Django 1.6, see release notes here.


PyDev 3.0 Released (

PyDev the Eclipse plugin for Python development has released version 3.0. PyDev user? Go check it out!



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Django 1.6 Released! Thoughts? (




pants (

A lightweight framework for writing asynchronous network applications. Pants is single-threaded and callback oriented, also includes a HTTP server with Websockets implementation, WSGI support and a simple web framework.  


openfaux-server (

Openfaux-server is the server-side portion of a tool that allows you to encrypt and mask your internet traffic.


alienfeed (

Looking to waste some more time? Take a look at this command line interface for Reddit.


pipeless (

Pipeless is a framework for building simple data pipelines.


botomatic (

Create twitter bots easily with this library. Botomatic handles Twitter authentication, retrieving messages, processing output and publishing to twitter.


rinohtype (

Rinohtype aims to be a definitive replacement for LaTex. Check out this blog post for all the details, current status and future plans for Rinohtype.



Python Jobs.


Sr. Python Developer (Los Angeles, CA)

at Keypr.


Quantitative Systems Developer (Amsterdam)

at IMC Asset Management.


Python/Django Developer (London, UK)

at Tangent Labs.



wxPython 101: Using Frame Styles (

Those of you excited about making OS interfaces with Python should give this article a look. Describes how to create various types of wx.frame for all your application needs.

Aggregating and Plotting Time Series in Python (

Great article on graphing and plotting time series data in Python. Excellent place to start for beginners.

Retrieve Quandl's Data and Play with a Pandas (

Those of you looking for a data set to play around as well as manipulating and graphing that data should take al look at this IPython notebook.

Serving Raspberry Pi with Flask (

Great primer on connecting your Raspberry Pi to the world and do things like shut off your coffee maker with an HTTP request.

Writing a FUSE filesystem in Python (

It seems that creating FUSE filesystems in Python can be very easy with help from the fuse-python and fusepy libraries.  In this author goes through the steps of creating an encrypted file system layer in Python.

Using peewee to explore CSV files (

Use the peewee ORM to load csv files into a database and explore them programmatically. Very neat, uses reddit public datasets to quickly determine things like average ratio of upvotes to downvotes and average number of comments.


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