Issue #93

Robot Game

Nov. 22, 2013

Robot Game
EuroPython 2014, PyData NYC 2013 videos and much more.

Issue #93: Robot Game
Friday,  November 22nd, 2013



Hi Pythonistas!


This email was a little later than expected this week, but all the same we have a jam packed issue for you. Enjoy!


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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


Euro Python 2014 (

The dates for EuroPython 2014 have been announced. It will be taking place from July 21-27th, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.


Congratulations to Barry Warsaw (

Barry Warsaw has received a community service award from the PSF for Q3 2013. Thanks to Barry for his contributions to the Python Community!


Robot Game (

This is really cool. Code robots in Python to battle other players to climb to the top of the leaderboard.


Python 3.3 has been released! (

Lots of stuff in this latest release including new library modules, new builtins and implementation improvements. Click through for all the details.


From our sponsors:


Who is using Python 3 (




redux (

Interested in Delta Debugging? Redux aims to help apply the idea of delta debugging to Python programs.


django-docker (

If you are wondering how to use docker in your django project, look no further than this demo django app.


whoosh (

Whoosh is a fast, featureful full-text indexing and searching library implemented in pure Python.


mopidy (

Great idea. Mopidy is a music server which can play your local files, radio streams and from services like Spotify and soundcloud.


quokka (

A Flask-based CMS built ontop of MongoDB.


Seaborn (

Built on top of matplotlib, Seaborn exists to provide you with high level functions to help you create beautiful and useful plots of statistical data.


isort (

A small utility to organize your Python imports. Includes a command line tool as well as a plugin for many popular text editors.


conversation (

Union Square Ventures community site has been open sourced. Not what you would necessarily expect from a Venture Capital Firm.


git-workflow (

A tool to visualize your git workflows. Pretty cool demo here.



Python Jobs.


Software Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

at Findline Inc.


Python/Django Developer (London, UK)

at Tangent Labs.


Developer (San Diego, CA)

at WhatRunsWhere.


>>> More Python Jobs


Debugging Python Like a Boss (

The author gives a nice breakdown of Python debugging tools pdb, pudb, pydbgr and ipdb.

Testing with Betamax (

If you do any amount of testing and use python-requests, check out this article for easily mocking out requests in your tests with the betamax library.

Introduction to the Python Interpreter, Part 1: Function Objects (

Learn about all the things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the Python interpreter, in part 1 the author writes about Function Objects. Check out part 2 and part 3 as well to help continue filling in the blanks.


PyData NYC 2013 videos (

The videos for PyData NYC 2013 are here. Lots of great talks here!

When to use assert (

Have you been wondering when its the appropriate time to use Python’s assert? If so, check out this really great post on comp.lang.python about Python’s assert.

How Python became the language of choice for data science (

There has been lots of work in Python for data science recently, this blog post tries to explain why.

Saving 9GB of ram with Python __slots__ (

Weighted Interval Scheduling (


Pycoder's Weekly Issue #94
Nov 29th, 2013


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