Issue #90


Nov. 1, 2013

 Python 2.6.9 released, curdling, the story of mod_python and much more.

Issue #90: KitKat 
Friday,  November 1st, 2013


Hi Pythonistas!


Lots to see happening in the Python community this week. Enjoy!

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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


Python 2.6.9 Released (

This will be the final 2.6X series release.


From our sponsors:




spyderlib (

A powerful open source IDE for Python written in Python.


half-moon-tagging (

Tag files in OSX Mavericks from the command line.


django-updown (

YouTube like up/down ratings for Django, saves you the time of implementing it yourself.


actualvim (

A Sublime Text 3 input mode powered by vim. Allows you to use all the vim stuff(vimrc, plugins, etc) that you love in vim inside Sublime Text.


curdling (

A concurrent package manager for Python. The goal is to provide a speed up in package download/installation over pip and easy_install.


tmuxp (

A tmux session manager. Attempts to solve the pains of managing tmux workspaces.


isso (

An open source replacement for Disqus, which boasts better privacy settings than its counterpart. Pretty good looking too, check out the demo.


keybits-server (

Keybits allows you to set up a personal server so you can host your own pictures, blog, email, etc. Set it up easily with docker and ansible playbooks.


django-redisboard (

Install this app in your django project to get redis-monitoring and inspection in the django-admin. Supports server statistics, key summaries and value introspection of lists and sorted sets.  



Python Jobs.


Sr. Python Developer (Los Angeles, CA)

at Keypr.

Back End Developer (New York, NY)

at Datadog.

Open-Source System Developer (New York, NY)

at Datadog.

Python/Django Developer (London, UK)

at Tangent Labs.

Python Developer (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

at Kaplan Inc.

>>> More Python Jobs



mod_python: The Long Story (

Nice story on open source contribution and the growth of mod_python.

Javascript Gotcha for Pythonistas: Bound Methods (

An interesting contrast between binding in Javascript and things we take for granted in Python.

Intro to Pandas Data Structures (

A three part series, which takes you from total noob in Pandas to doing some pretty cool data analysis with movie data.

Tulip: Async I/O for Python 3 (

Guido talks about his goals and the approach to the problem of including an event loop in Python 3 standard library.

uWSGI Brings Real Time To Django (

Now uWSGI supports websockets out of the box. Easily implement websockets in your application and serve Websockets on the same port as standard REST traffic.


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Nov 8th, 2013


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