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Sept. 27, 2013

PyCon 2014 Registration, Django Vanilla Views and much more.

Issue #85: horse_ebooks
Friday,  September 27th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!


No Django security release this week. Hooray! There are a lot of other cool developments though!


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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


PyCon 2014 Registration is now open (

Registration is now open for PyCon 2014. Time to pick up your tickets for PyCon 2014 in Montreal, Canada if you are looking to get in on the early bird pricing.

Microsoft donates $100K to IPython (

Microsoft has donated $100,000 to to IPython to support its continuing development.

Requests 2.0 released (

Version 2.0 of the very popular requests library has been released. Having a hard time parsing exactly what's going on in the changelog? Check out this explanation of all the changes in this latest release.  

An Open Source Version of PyCharm 3.0 Has Been Released (



From our sponsors:
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First Look at Python Enums (




Django Vanilla Views (

This is a simplifying of the django included class based views! No mixins! If you are down with class based views you should give this  a look.

remarkdown (

A markdown parser based on docutils, note this project is still in alpha and is likely to change.


flask-restful (

This is a simple framework for creating great REST API’s with Flask.


flask-foundation (

This project looks to get your flask web application up and running in a hurry by providing a solid foundation to build your applications on. Package includes bootstrap, flask-assets, flask-cache, flask-SQLAlchemy and much more.


prettyplotlib (

Use prettyplotlib to enhance your matplotlib use and make your default matplotlib graphs beautiful.



Python Jobs.

Back End Developer (New York, NY)

at DataDog.


Data Hacker (New York, NY)

at GameChanger Media.


Tools Engineer (New York or Palo Alto)

at MongoDB, Inc.


Python Developer (London)

at Tangent Labs.



Breaking Out Of Secured Python Environments (

This is an extremely fun article about how to break out of secured python environments, fun little journey on how to break out of ‘secured’ python environments.

Musings About Debian and Python (

There are many holy wars in Python, this article goes on to describe there is a right tool for every job when it comes to apt vs. pip.

cubr (

Pretty cool project, which takes in the layout of a mixed up Rubik’s Cube and allows you follow the computer as it solves the Rubik’s Cube you presented. Pretty cool video after the jump!

Python C Extensions and mod_wsgi (

Python scripts running under mod_wsgi the scripts are isolated from each other but the state of their C extensions are not which can cause havoc. If you maintain a Python extension this post will give you strategies to make your script compatible with mod_wsgi.

pynt vs. invoke (

Are you evaluating options for a pure Python make replacement? Check out this great comparison of projects pynt and invoke to help you make your decision.


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