Issue #86


Oct. 4, 2013

DjangoCon 2013 Videos, PyTennessee Call for Papers, pudb  and much more.

Issue #86: RTFD
Friday,  October 4th, 2013


Hi Pythonistas!

So this week we would like to give a shout out to Eric Holscher.  He has been working on making  better documentation for all with Read The Docs, he wants to continue his efforts in creating better documentation tools.


He has almost reached his modest goal of 300 dollars a week to make this a reality.


Support him here.



To the  keep up with all the breaking Python news follow @pycoders.



Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


PyTennessee Call For Papers! (

New speaker, seasoned veteran? There is no better time than now if you are in the Tennessee area.


Pillow 2.2.1 Released! (

Tons of improvement, details after the jump.



From our sponsors:


Best python editor for Linux systems? (





pudb (

A full-screen console debugger for Python.


Ice (

Emulator fans can now add ROMs to Steam with Ice.


gensim (

Library for topic modelling, document indexing and similarity retrieval with large corpora. Useful for natural language processing and information retrieval.


yandex-tank (

Yandex-tank is a console HTTP load testing tool.


diamond (

A Python daemon that collects metrics from your servers or other user defined data sources and sends them to graphite or one of many other supported stats dashboards/collectors.


troposphere (

A simple library to create AWS CloudFormation descriptions.


django-pjaxr (



Python Jobs.


Python Developer (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

at Kaplan Inc.


Web Application Developer (Philadelphia, PA)

at Lacoda.


Software Engineer (Minneapolis, MN)

at STAR Collaborative.


Python Developer (London)

at Tangent Labs.


>>> More Python Jobs


DjangoCon 2013 Conference Videos (

Miss DjangoCon this year or didn’t see all the talks you wanted to see? This is your chance to check out all the talks from DjangoCon at your convenience.


Creating Mezzanine Themes (

Fans of the Mezzanine Django CMS will find this article specifically useful for creating new themes part 1 of a four part series.


Introduction to Pandas and Vincent (

Get an introduction to Pandas and its Dataframe and Series objects. Then create a visualization of the data produced from using these objects using Vincent.


Minimizing page load times with hash-ring-ctypes (

Cool little way to increase asset loading on media heavy website with consistent hashing.



Pycoder's Weekly Issue #87
October 11th, 2013


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