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Sept. 20, 2013


Django Security Releases, offset, Threading in Python and much more.

Issue #84: Ready
Friday,  September 20th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!


Really full issue this week everyone, hope you enjoy!


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News and Developments.



Talk and Tutorial Call Closes, Reviews Begin (

Call for submissions for Talks and Tutorials for PyCon 2014 has ended. Now reviews begin, if you are interested in helping out click through to learn about joining the program committee.


Django Security Releases Issued (

Django 1.4.8, 1.5.4, and 1.6 beta 4 have been released. This release addresses a denial of service attack vulnerability in the Django Authentication framework.


PyTennessee 2014 (

This is taking place for the first time in Nashville, will be accepting all types of proposals starting Oct 1st, 2013 through Nov 1st, 2013.



From our sponsors:
Neckbeard Republic is for the busy python developer looking to level up with weekly bite-sized screencasts on new tools, standard library, and much more. Level up here.



What do you not like in Python? (

Tons of feedback here and discussion, anything that bothers you that you don’t see?




offset (

Offset is an attempt to port Go’s concurrency model in python. See the Slides for the related talk here.


centrifuge (

Centrifuge aims to be a simple platform for real-time message broadcasting in your web applications. It is built on Tornado and uses ZeroMQ for internal communication.


autopep8 (

Automatically format your code in pep8 format with this tool.


data-science-toolbox (

A set of tools to help with data science work. The command line tools in this package help facilitate obtaining, scrubbing and exploring data.


zero (

This is a wrapper around the pyzmq. Its stated goal is to make ZeroMQ messaging trivial.


alchimia (

Alchimia lets you use most of the SQLAlchemy Core API in Twisted.


releases (

This is a Sphinx extension designed to help you take that changelog file into a, beautiful merge friendly human readable HTML output. Quite the awesome addition for package maintainers!


GateOne (

Gate One is an HTML5-powered terminal emulator and SSH client, for all your in browser terminal needs.


texit (

This is pretty incredible little site it allows you to take latex and produce beautiful typesetting in PNG format.


Python Jobs.

Open-Source System Developer (New York, NY)

at DataDog.


Software Engineer - Python/JS (San Francisco, CA)

at Uber.


Senior Software Developer (Telecommute - North America Only)

at LeadBrite.


Python Developer (Toronto, On, Canada)

at Beanfield Metroconnect.


Serving Flask with Nginx on Ubuntu (

The title here is a bit misleading, but all the same this is a good tutorial to get your flask site set up and running with Nginx and uWSGI.

Understanding Threads in Python (

If you are a little hazy on how threads work in Python or just need a refresher? If so, the crowd over at agiliq have written a pretty great guide with examples to help you get a good understanding of threads and how they work in Python.

Python 3.4 single dispatch, a step into generic functions  (

What are generic functions and how do they relate to the Common Lisp Object System? How are they implemented in Python? Check out this post for some info on Python’s 3.4 singledispatch function.

State Of The Art Part Of Speech Tagging in TextBlob (

Central logging in Django with Graylog2 and graypy (



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Sept. 27th, 2013


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