Issue #83

Programmers' Day

Sept. 13, 2013

Programmers' Day
 Django security releases, REST Hooks, Python 3.4.0a2  and much more.

Issue #83: Programmers' Day
Friday,  September 13th, 2013


Hi Pythonistas!

Happy Programmers’ Day everyone! Hope too many mornings weren’t ruined by the Amazon EC2 outage. Even if so, everything is resolved, weekend is coming and we have a packed issue for you this week. Enjoy!

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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.



Django Software Foundation Adopts Trademark Policy (


Django Security Releases Issued (


Python 3.4.0 Alpha 2 Released (



From our sponsors:


Why Python?  (




dockerui (

A web interface for to interact with the docker remote API.


quepy (

Transform natural language questions into queries in a database query language.


resthooks (

REST Hooks are a lightweight subscription layer on top of your existing REST API. REST Hooks aim to allow you to detect changes in your application without polling.


django-rest-hooks (

An implementation of REST Hooks for your Django based REST API.


structlog (

Augment your existing logger with structlog which allows you to stop maintaining complicated log structure and log events that happen in a context.


hydra (


jogger (  


Python Jobs.


Software Engineer (Minneapolis, MN)

at STAR Collaborative.


Python/Django Developer (London)

at Tangent Labs.


>>> More Python Jobs


A Quick Primer on Writing Readable Python Code for New Developers (

New developers this is a good first stop. The author gives a nice breakdown of some guidelines you can follow to write readable python code.


Of Solving the Rubik's From Scratch (

Really detailed explanation with lots of code of how to solve a Rubik’s Cube with Python. Cool post.


I/O performance in Python (

Deep look into file I/O in Python in search for the fastest read performance, article compares several approaches to reading files and does discovery as to why one thing is faster than others.


Fast Tests Are Useless, Hot Lava Be Damned (

In this post the author is railing against popular belief that slow tests are bad and goes in the opposite direction and says fast tests aren’t useful as you might think.


Why Python's dir Function is Wrong (

Another in depth article that highlights some of the inconsistencies in dir and how it can worked around and even improved. Nice read.


Python Tornado Web Server With WebSockets – Part I (



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September 20th, 2013


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