Issue #80


Aug. 23, 2013

WSGI War, Sovereign, Schema Migrations in Django and much more.

Issue #80: Peace.
Friday,  August 23rd, 2013


Hi Pythonistas!


Very full issue this week! Enjoy.


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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


WSGI War (

The WSGI War is about taking your Python web framework of choice & pitting your skills against the rest of the community, brought you by Daniel Lindsley


PyMongo 2.6 Released  (

The big news in PyMongo 2.6 is that the max_pool_size option actually means what it says now. More details after the jump.


A Plan Comes Together (

Schema migrations are on their way to Django with Andrew Godwin’s schema-alteration branch being merged into Django this week. Currently this code is in a functional stay but there is still lots of work to do.

From our sponsors:


Web Developing 'purely' in Python? (





sovereign (

Sovereign is a series of ansible playbooks you can use to build your own personal cloud.  


xmltodict (

Dislike XML? Now convert your XML to dicts and deal with them that way.


conpig (

This is a green threading library using green threads from gevent which are based on greenlets.


cookiecutter  (

Awesome package that provides templates for bunch of code that you write infrequently enough not commit to memory, bunch of templates available or even write your own!


appscale (

Ever wanted to deploy your Google App Engine applications off of Google App Engine, well you will probably want to check out this.


skadi (

Replay parser for DOTA 2.


Python Jobs.


Software Engineer - Python/JS (San Francisco, CA)

at Uber.


Python Developer (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

at Beanfield Metroconnect.


>>> More Python Jobs


Using Python to Generate Awesome Linux Themes (

Open Sourcing a Python Project the Right Way (

When you open source your next Python project it might be a good idea to read this post. The author provides an excellent guide to open sourcing your project and helps you hit the ground running with this very detailed resource.

Processing Video with Python (

Very informative post containing tons of code samples, on how to deal with videos processing in your Django applications.

Writing Thread Safe Django Code (

Learn about thread-safety and and learn about patterns used to achieve thread-safety in your Django applications.

Python Web Applications with Flask Part II  (

Looking to wrap your head around developing web applications with flask? If so do check out this article and its predecessor. Lots of great info and detail here.

Estimating User Lifetimes (
Interesting article by Cam that covers the right way and a few wrong ones to measure the lifetime of your customers/users using bayesian analysis libary PyMC.

Representing state machines with co-routines in Python (

Really Scrapable Web Application (




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August 30th, 2013


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