Issue #79

Its Friday.

Aug. 16, 2013

Its Friday.
Django Security Releases, and much more.

Issue #79: Its Friday.
Friday,  August 16th, 2013

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News and Developments.


Django Security releases issued (

Django has issued a series of security releases, 1.4.6, 1.5.2 and 1.6 Beta 2. Click through for more details. has been open sourced ( the site dedicated to Raspberry Pi enthusiasts has been open sourced. Click the link for the announcement or check out the source here.

PyCon 2013 financial aid program is now open (


From our sponsors:
Neckbeard Republic is for the busy python developer looking to level up with weekly bite-sized screencasts on new tools, standard library, and much more. Level up here.





pivotal_tools (

Use pivotal tracker? Check out these command line tools for improving your pivotal workflow or for more info read the related blog post.  


paperwork (

Paperwork is a tool to OCR documents and make them searchable. Nice tool with a GTK/Glade UI.

simpleflake  (

Simply do distributed ID generation with simpleflake when you need globally unique ID’s.


MediaCrush (

This is neat. MediaCrush is a website that will compress uploaded media to be served super fast. Check out the readme for all the details or check out the site.


paasmaker (

Another open source PAAS enters the arena. Check out the source or website for more details.


pytest-osxnotify (

For all you OSX users out there who use py.test this is pretty great. Pytest-osxnotify will notify you with a native OSX notification with your test results when your test runs complete. Check it out.


cheat (




Python Jobs.

Software Engineer - Python/JS (San Francisco, CA)

at Uber.


Python Developer (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

at Beanfield Metroconnect.


>>> More Python Jobs


What Every Coder Community Can Learn From Python (

PyCon Canada was last week and in this article organizer Diana Clarke answers a series of questions about the Python community, diversity and PyCon Canada. Great article.

Frontend deployments with Yeoman and Fabric (

Pretty good tutorial to get your Yeoman deployments up and running with Fabric. Great easy to follow examples with code here.

PyPy.js Update: A Proof-of-Concept JIT (

PyPy.js is an attempt to port PyPy’s JIT to Javascript. Neat idea, click through for an update about this projects progress and some additional benchmarks of it in its current, limited, state.

Exploring grain settling with Python (

The game of life in Python (

Some tips for optimizing Cython code (


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