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July 19, 2013

PyCon India, Fuqit and much more.

Issue #75: PEP 8*
Friday,  July 19th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!


75 issues, another milestone hit! Thanks for reading every week as we move towards 100 issues. We've got a good issue for you this week, enjoy!


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Mahdi and Mike

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PyCon India (

PyCon India is coming up Aug 30th-Sept 1st in Bangalore.

From our sponsors:

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TIL: Python understands: >>> 1+3j + (10 + 20j) (





git-imerge (

git-imerge is incremental merge for Git. Essentially when using imerge if there are conflicts in your merge you get a chance to merge them as you go and then continue with your merge.


simplicity (

Convert your ReStructuredText to JSON with this useful project from pydanny.


pypi-notifier (

If you have problems keeping your requirements.txt file up to date, this is the solution. Pypi-notifier checks your repositories’ requirements.txt files and notifies you via email if any of your requirements are out of date. Check out the hosted version here.

fuqit (

The latest and greatest from Zed Shaw, fuqit is a web framework that attempts to make you forget everything you have learned from MVC frameworks and focuses on simplicity. Check it out.

dj-static (

Serve static files from your Django project in in production with dj-static. It serves your files efficiently via a WSGI application called Static.

nose-timelimit (

If you run into troubles with long running tests or tests that sometimes run forever, this will be very useful for you. Nose-timelimit allows you to optionally add a time limit to your tests so you can skip long-running or misbehaving tests.


Python Jobs.

Python Developer/MIT Neuroscience (Cambridge, MA/Anywhere)

at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


>>> More Python Jobs



Displaying a Processes Output with Websockets (

Simple straight forward article on how to display server processes in a webpage using websockets and twisted.


How many instructions in a print statement? (

Ever wonder how many instructions happen when you run the good ol’ print statement? Ned knows.


The Next 20 Years of Python (

Article which summaries the talk given by Van Lindberg, he touches on points of history and where the language will go next. The talk can be seen here.


Khan Academy Python Style Guide (

Its always nice to see what other things people add/remove from PEP 8 style guide to make up their personal or company style guide.


Hosting Static Flask Sites on Github Pages (

Those of you interested in hosting Flask apps on Github, should definitely give this a look. Plus if you ever decide to move away transition should be easy, its just Python.


Creating A Lexical Analyzer With Python (


Getting started with WebSockets using Python and Tornado (


Python Lambdas Explained [screencast] (

This covers  lambda functions and how are written and when to use them. They also touch on a few examples as well as conditional expressions.


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July 26th, 2013


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