Issue #74


July 12, 2013

 PyPy 2.1 Beta, PyTexas call for proposals and much more.

Issue #74: Numba
Friday,  July 12th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!

Packed issue this week, enjoy. As always, if you have any questions, comments, gripes or suggestions just hit reply to this email and let us know.


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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


PyPy 2.1 Beta Released (

The beta of upcoming PyPy release 2.1 is out. The main new feature is ARM support.

Call for Proposals PyTexas 2013 (

PyTexas is August 16-18th, call for proposals are still open so if you want to submit a talk you should do it now.

DjangoCon AU Videos (

Couldn’t make it? No worries mate.

From our sponsors:

Fast, Parallel Continuous Integration & Deployment for Python. Spend less time waiting and more time coding.  How fast do you want your tests to go? Check out Solano Labs!


Don't Do This (




docker-py (

An API client for the amazing docker project in Python.


undead (

Dead easy POSIX daemons for Python.


q (

Quick and dirty logging for your Python programs. Has some helpers for tracing functions arguments and return values as well as shortcuts for launching an interactive console.


treeio (

treeio is a business management platform which includes tools like a CRM, project management and help desk software. check out the live version here.


purl (

A simple, immutable URL class with a clean API for interrogation and manipulation.


alfredworkflows (

If you are an avid alfred user you might be interested in checking this out. alfredworkflows contains additional workflows such as ssh, reading man pages and viewing movie trailers.

pydiff (


powerline-shell (


Python Jobs.


Python Engineer at Grassycreek (Mill Valley/Work from Home OK)

at Grassycreek LLC.


Python Software Developer (San Francisco, CA)

at Cyan Inc.


>>> More Python Jobs


Facts and Myths about Python names and values (

How do Python names and values work? Let Ned clarify your understanding with examples. Fantastic post.

Python's Hidden New (

Good article here about Python’s `__new__` function and object creation.

Python: Common Newbie Mistakes, Part 1 (

If you are new to Python or trying to improve your Python-Fu check out these common mistakes made by people new to Python. Also check out Part 2!

Navigating the Postmodern Python World (

Compelling article, about the leaps Python is taking as well as how its combatting encroachment from other newer languages.

Reducers Explained Through Python  (

Excellent introduction to reducers, as well as how to implement them in Python.


Thoughts After SciPy 2013, NumPy Improvement (



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