Issue #73

Julython 2013

July 5, 2013

Julython 2013
PyCon 2014 call for proposals, SciPy videos and much more.

Issue #73: Julython 2013
Friday,  July 5th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!

We hope our Canadian/American readers had a great 1st and 4th of July holiday! We however were toiling away getting this issue ready so we hope you enjoy!


As always, if you have any questions, comments, gripes or suggestions just hit reply to this email and let us know.


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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


Julython 2013 has started (

Time to compete for bragging rights for you and your city by contributing to open source projects. Check out the Julython website for all the details.


Pillow 2.1.0 released (

Pillow, the fork of PIL that makes it easy to install and setup has just released version 2.1.0. Check it out.


Introducing the Python Bee (

This certainly could be fun, and equally frustrating.

PyCon 2014 Launches, Calls For Proposals (

From our sponsors:
Neckbeard Republic is for the busy python developer looking to level up with weekly bite-sized screencasts on new tools, standard library, and much more. Level up here.


Pythons Hardest Problem, Revisited  (





django-pglocks (

Looking to use PostgreSQL’s advisory locks in Django? Check out django-pglocks which allows you to use them easily in your django project.


python-manhole (

Manhole is a python daemon thread that will accept unix domain socket connections and present the stacktraces for all threads and an interactive prompt.


gramme (

Gramme is an easy and elegant way to pass volatile data around over UDP with msgpack serialization.


ocstyle (

Easy to share and enforce style rules for Objective C. Usage details after the jump.


vol (

Volume control in the shell for your mac, cool features like controlling volume input on devices like mics.


deadchat (

deadchat is a cryptographically secure single-room group chat server and client designed to enable secure chat over an insecure network.



Python Jobs.

Developer  (Washington, DC)

at New Organizing Institute.


Software Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

at Postmates.


>>> More Python Jobs


Python: hash, id and Dictionary Order (

If you didn’t already realize that dictionaries are unordered you might be interested in reading this. Both experimentation and explanation here.


Pandas and Python: Top 10 (

In this post the author highlights his top 10 favorite and hard to find features of Pandas with examples. Awesome resource.


The Updated Guide to Unicode on Python (

Dealing with unicode can be a massive pain for developers. Check out Armin Ronacher’s updated guide to Unicode in Python to learn something new or refresh your knowledge.


SciPy 2013 Videos (

If you couldn’t be at SciPy 2013 be sure to check out the videos of the talks. Lots of great stuff in there.


Pythons Hardest Problem, Revisited (

This article a sister article to the one introducing the GIL. This article focuses on mitigating the effects of the GIL.


Add History and Tab Completion to the Default Python Shell (


You Should Be Using Nginx + UWSGI (

Those of who are interested in getting the highest performance out of your web apps, you should look at these serving strategies. Tons of discussion too.

Basics of WSGI (




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July 12th, 2013


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