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String Interpolation, Music Processing, Command-Line Utilities, and More

June 11, 2024

String Interpolation, Music Processing, Command-Line Utilities, and More
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String Interpolation in Python: Exploring Available Tools
In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the different tools that Python provides for performing string interpolation. String interpolation allows you to create new strings by inserting different objects into a string template.

Notebooks for Fundamentals of Music Processing
This is a collection of Python Notebooks for teaching and learning the fundamentals of music processing. Examples include illustrations, sound samples, math, and more.

Upgrade Python Versions Without the Pain
Stop wasting 30% of your team’s sprint on maintaining legacy codebases. Automatically migrate and keep up-to-date on Python versions, so that you can focus on being productive while staying secure, without the risk of breaking changes - Get a code assessment today →

Python’s Many Command-Line Utilities
This article describes every command-line tool included with Python, each of which can be run with python -m module_name.

String Interpolation in Python (Quiz)
Take this quiz to test your understanding of the available tools for string interpolation in Python, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. These tools include f-strings, the .format() method, and the modulo operator.

Python 3.12.4 Released
See the full list of changes in this release

PEP 712 Rejected
This Python Enhancement Proposal “Adding a ‘converter’ parameter to dataclasses.field” was determined to have an insufficient number of use cases.

Python 3.13.0 Beta 2 Released

Articles & Tutorials

What Are CRUD Operations?
CRUD operations are the cornerstone of application functionality. Whether you access a database or interact with a REST API, you usually want to create, retrieve, update, and delete data. In this tutorial, you’ll explore how CRUD operations work in practice.

What We Talk About When We Talk About System Design
Mahesh talks about the rules he has encountered when doing research on designing large systems. Guidelines include late-binding on the design, focusing on the problem rather than existing systems, talking about other applications, and more.

Get Your Own AI Agent to Answer Questions From Your Database
Introducing “Database Mind” - a ready-to-use AI system designed for easy integration into your projects. As part of the “Minds Endpoints” AI platform, it offers a simple plug-and-play API service, enabling developers to effortlessly incorporate advanced AI capabilities into their solutions →

Statically Typed Functional Programming With Python 3.12
This detailed article looks at how to use the match statement along with Python’s typing mechanism to write functional programs similar in style to Kotlin.

How to Annotate a Graph With Matplotlib and Python
The Matplotlib package is great for visualizing data. One of its many features is the ability to annotate points on your graph. This article shows you how.

bytes: The Lesser-Known Python Built-in Sequence
The bytes data type looks a bit like a string, but it isn’t a string. This article explores it and also looks at the main Unicode encoding, UTF-8

Reflecting on One Year of Being an Engineering Manager
“Being a manager is a focus change from code to people, from output to outcomes and from being productive to making most of everyone’s time.” Read more of Victor’s reflecting on his first year as a manager.

Testing With Python: Fake It
This article is on using mock in your Python testing and is part of a larger series on testing in general.

Projects & Code

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Mesop: Build Web Apps in Python

WeasyPrint: The Awesome Document Factory

django-axes: Track of Failed Login Attempts in Django

Zango: Microservices in Django

gloe: Library for Flow-Oriented Code

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