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NumPy 2.0, Calendar Versioning, Mappings, and More

June 18, 2024

NumPy 2.0, Calendar Versioning, Mappings, and More
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Should Python Adopt Calendar Versioning?
Python’s use of semantic style versioning numbers causes confusion, as breaking changes can be present in the “minor” number position. This proposal given at the Python Language Summit is to switch to using calendar based versioning. A PEP is forthcoming.

Python Mappings: A Comprehensive Guide
In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basic characteristics and operations of Python mappings. You’ll explore the abstract base classes Mapping and MutableMapping and create a custom mapping.

How Do You Turn Data Science Insights into Business Results? Posit Connect
Data scientists use Posit Connect to get their work into the hands of decision-makers. Securely deploy python analytic work & distribute that across teams. Publish data apps, documents, notebooks, and dashboards. Deploy models as APIs & configure reports to run & get distributed on a custom schedule →

NumPy 2.0.0 Release Notes
The long awaited 2.0 release of NumPy landed this week. Not all the docs are up to date yet, but this final draft of the release notes shows you what is included.

Quiz: Python Mappings
In this quiz, you’ll test your understanding of the basic characteristics and operations of Python mappings. By working through this quiz, you’ll revisit the key concepts and techniques of creating a custom mapping.


Personal Red Flags When You’re Interviewing at a Company?

Articles & Tutorials

Proposed Bylaws Changes for the PSF
As part of the upcoming board election, three new bylaws are also being proposed for your consideration. The first makes it easier to qualify for membership for Python-related volunteer work, the second makes it easier to vote, and the third gives the board more options around the code of conduct.

Python Interfaces: Object-Oriented Design Principles
In this video course, you’ll explore how to use a Python interface. You’ll come to understand why interfaces are so useful and learn how to implement formal and informal interfaces in Python. You’ll also examine the differences between Python interfaces and those in other programming languages.

Prod Alerts? You Should be Autoscaling
Rest easy with Judoscale’s web & worker autoscaling for Heroku, Render, and Amazon ECS. Traffic spike? Scaled up. Quiet night? Scaled down. Work queue backlog? No problem →

Listing All Files in a Directory With Python
In this video course, you’ll be examining a couple of methods to get a list of files and folders in a directory with Python. You’ll also use both methods to recursively list directory contents. Finally, you’ll examine a situation that pits one method against the other.

Python Logging: The Log Levels
Logging levels allow you to control which messages you record in your logs. Think of log levels as verbosity levels. How granular do you want your logs to be? This article teaches you how to control your logging.

How Do You Program for 8h in a Row?
You may get paid for 8 hours a day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re coding that whole time. This article touches on the variety of the job and what you should expect if you are new to the field.

Python Language Summit 2024: Lightning Talks
A summary of the six lightning talks given at the 2024 Python Language Summit. Topics include Python for iOS, improving asserts in 3.14, sharing data between sub-interpreters, and more.

Starting and Stopping uvicorn in the Background
Learn how to start and stop uvicorn in the background using a randomly selected free port number. Useful for running test suites that require live-webservers.
CHRISTOPH SCHIESSL • Shared by Christoph Schiessl

How I Built a Bot Publishing Italian Paintings on Bluesky
This article describes Nicolò’s project to build a bot that retrieves images from Wikimedia, selecting the best ones, and deploying it to the cloud.
NICOLÒ GISO • Shared by Nicolò Giso

Testing async MongoDB AWS Applications With Pytest
This article shows real life techniques and fixtures needed to make the test suite of your MongoDB and AWS-based application usable and performant.
HANDMADESOFTWARE • Shared by Thorin Schiffer

DjangoCon Europe 2024 Bird’s-Eye View
Thibaud shares some of the best moments of DjangoConEU 2024. He highlights some of the talks, workshops, and the outcome of the sprints.

Storing Django Static and Media Files on DigitalOcean Spaces
This tutorial shows how to configure Django to load and serve up static and media files, public and private, via DigitalOcean Spaces.

CPython Reference Counting and Garbage Collection Internals
A detailed code walkthrough of how CPython implements memory management, including reference counting and garbage collection

The Decline of the User Interface
“Software has never looked cooler, but user interface design and user experience have taken a sharp turn for the worse.”

Ruff: Internals of a Rust-Backed Python Linter-Formatter
This article dives into the structure of the popular ruff Python linter written in Rust.
ABDUR-RAHMAAN JANHANGEER • Shared by Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Projects & Code

Brought to you by Real Python for Teamssponsor
Online Python training created by a community of experts. Give your team the real-world Python skills they need to succeed →

FinanceDatabase: Financial Database as a Python Module

prettypretty: Build Awesome Terminal User Interfaces

smbclient-ng: Interact With SMB Shares

wakepy: Cross-Platform Keep-Awake With Python

django-mfa2: Django MFA; Supports TOTP, U2F, & More

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