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Accessibility, Reinventing Notebooks, Crawlee, and More

May 21, 2024

Accessibility, Reinventing Notebooks, Crawlee, and More
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Accessibility & Assistive Tech as a Python Developer
What’s it like to learn Python as a visually impaired or blind developer? How can you improve the accessibility of your Python web applications and learn current guidelines? This week on the show, Real Python community member Audrey van Breederode discusses her programming journey, web accessibility, and assistive technology.

Lessons Learned Reinventing the Python Notebook
Marimo is an open source alternative to Jupyter notebooks. This article is by one of marimo’s creators, talking about the design decisions made when creating it.

Python Error and Performance Monitoring That Doesn’t Suck
With Sentry, you can trace issues from the frontend to the backend—detecting slow and broken code, to fix what’s broken faster. Installing the Python SDK is super easy and PyCoder’s Weekly subscribers get three full months of the team plan. Just use code “pycoder” on signup →

Scrapy vs. Crawlee
This article from the folks at Crawlee does a side-by-side comparison of Scrapy and Crawlee, two web scraping libraries.

Quiz: What Are CRUD Operations?
In this quiz, you’ll revisit the key concepts and techniques related to CRUD operations. These operations are fundamental to any system that interacts with a database, and understanding them is crucial for effective data management.

PEP 667: Consistent Views of Namespaces (Accepted)

Django 5.0.6 and 4.2.13 Release

Articles & Tutorials

HTML and CSS Foundations for Python Developers
There’s no way around HTML and CSS when you want to build web apps. Even if you’re not aiming to become a web developer, knowing the basics of HTML and CSS will help you understand the Web better. In this video course, you’ll get an introduction to HTML and CSS for Python programmers.

Homoiconic Python
One of the early features of Lisp was that it could be implemented in a short Lisp program. As Lisp isn’t the easiest to read language, and not as common as Python, Mohamed runs you through the Python equivalent program to implement a Lisp interpreter.

Build Your Own Git, Redis, or BitTorrent — in Python
The best way to master your programming craft is to get extensive practice. CodeCrafters offers structured, real-world practice projects aimed at experienced engineers. Sign up, and become a confident programmer →

What Is the __pycache__ Folder in Python?
In this tutorial, you’ll explore Python’s __pycache__ folder. You’ll learn about when and why the interpreter creates these folders, and you’ll customize their default behavior. Finally, you’ll take a look under the hood of the cached .pyc files.

Garbage Collectors Are Scary
You don’t have to deal with memory management in Python because it has a garbage collector built in. This article talks about the challenges of writing a garbage collector, including the different kinds you find in different languages.

Automatically Push Code Changes During Live Coding
When teaching, Rodrigo wants to automatically push changes to Git so his students can see the steps in the repo on the fly. This quick article shows you how he solved the problem with the GitPython library.

Page Dewarping
This article shows the techniques behind a page flattening algorithm. It starts with images of a book’s page which are curled from the spine of the book, and creates a resulting PDF that is a flat version.

An Intro to Logging With Loguru
“Python’s logging module isn’t the only way to create logs. There are several third-party packages you can use, too. One of the most popular is Loguru.” This article introduces you to the Loguru library.

Why Do Prototypes Suck?
Nat weighs in on prototyping: “Why is it, exactly, that prototypes are so miserable to maintain and operate? And how can we avoid putting prototypes into production?”

Clever Code Is Probably the Worst Code You Could Write
When you come across a clever bit of code, it is hard not to admire it, but often times, clear, readable code is the hardest code to write.

Show All Subclasses of a class
A quick demonstration of how to use recursion and the .__subclasses__() method to obtain all the subclasses of a given class.

Projects & Code

Brought to you by Real Python for Teamssponsor
Online Python training created by a community of experts. Give your team the real-world Python skills they need to succeed →

pyinfra: Automate Infrastructure Using Python

tab-pal: TUI to Add Custom Tableau Colour Palettes
GITHUB.COM/BEN-N93 • Shared by Ben Nour

An Easy Way to Set Up Regular Tasks
GITHUB.COM/POMPONCHIK • Shared by Evgeniy Blinov

bridge: Automatic Infrastructure for Django With Docker

hashquery: Query BI Models in Your Data Warehouse

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