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April 5, 2013

EuroPython Schedule, PyData Videos and much more. 

Issue #60: *tabnanny


Friday,  April 5th, 2013



Hi Pythonistas!

Plenty of new projects, news and articles this week!


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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.

EuroPython 2013 Schedule (

A Tentative EuroPython 2013 schedule is out. If you are planning on attending click through to check it out.

Django Code of Conduct - feedback wanted (

The django core team and the Django Software Foundation are working on adopting a code of conduct. They are currently soliciting community feedback so if you want a say now is the time to contribute.

PythonMonk (

This is a set of free interactive tutorials to help you learn Python. Very well done!

PyData CA 2013 Videos (

Tornado 3.0 Released! (

Twisted 13.0 Released! (

From our sponsors:


Idea when PyPy for Python3 will be out? (





sqlparse (

This is very useful. sqlparse is a non-validating SQL parser. It supports parsing, splitting and formatting SQL statements.


Minecraft (

Very very cool. A Minecraft inspired demo written in Python and Pyglet. Check out the video demo.


forbiddenfruit (

Forbiddenfruit is a testing library that allows you to patch built-in objects declared in C in Python. Click through for examples and more details.


sure (

Sure is a utility best for automated Python testings. It has features like fluent assertions, deep comparisons of collections and much more. Check out the README for more details.


django-multiurl (

This is extremely useful. Django-multiurl allows multiple views to match the same URL pattern. This allows you to have a series of views and pass a request through them all until they get to the proper view to handle the request.


pg_activity (

pg_activity is essentially `top` for your PostgreSQL server.  For those of you who run into connect issues, this might help.

kule (

Kule is a customizable REST interface for MongoDB. You can use kule as a temporary backend during development.


sublime-bower (

This is pretty cool. Those of you who use Twitter’s Bower can now install  via Package Control in Sublime Text 2, and they will appear right in your project.

openrecipes (

Python Jobs.


Django Developer/Architect (Melbourne, Australia)

at CombiTel [Contract]

Passionate Python hacker (London, UK)

at Tangent Labs

Database Developer (State College, PA)

at VideoMining Corporation

>>> More Python Jobs


Creating a Pipeline in the Cloud (

How to create a processing pipeline using Picloud’s cloud computing infrastructure.

WiFi Sniffer in 10 lines of Python (

Those of you guys who like playing with networks & python, should definitely give this a look.

pytest debug print logging in real time (

Do you hate being left in the dark as your tests run? Your only connection to the world is ....F...E. Little bit of logging and pytest to the rescue.


Core Concepts of Django Forms (

Still a little hazy on Django forms or looking to refresh your knowledge on their core concepts? The author of this blogpost has got you covered. Check it out.

Real world Pandas, binning and grouping (



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April 12th, 2013


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