Issue #59


March 29, 2013

XBlock SDK, Python 2.7.4rc1, Gittip and much more. 

Issue #59: Gittip


Friday,  March 29th, 2013



Hi Pythonistas!


More changes this week.  You will notice the  throughout the issue. While at PyCon we were lucky to run into Chad Whitacre, the awesome guy who founded Gittip. Out of this meeting came the idea to link to authors Gittip’s next to the projects. So please, if you like a project you see go ahead and check out Gittip and tip the author.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, gripes or suggestions just hit reply to this email and let us know.

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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.

Python 2.7.4 RC1 Released (

New release candidate for Python 2.7.4 has been out since March 23.  Download it and test it and report any bugs. You know the drill.

Django 1.5.1 Released (

Django 1.5.1 is a bugfix release for a memory leak introduced in Django 1.5. Time to update your Django 1.5 projects!

Campaign to Support the Development of PyDev and Liclipse ( PyDev has been pretty popular for a long time with the Eclipse loving Pythonistas. If you want to see continued work on PyDev you should check out the campaign. For more information click through to indiegogo or check out the Blog Post.

$10,000 Raised for Pyladies at PyCon 2013 (

At PyCon US 2013 $10,000 was raised for Pyladies in a couple of hours with a silent auction. Great work!

PyCon Australia Registration Now Open (

XBlock SDK Released! (

From our sponsors:


Why Gittip uses Aspen instead of Django/Rails (



calchipan (

A SQLAlchemy dialect which will consider a series of Pandas DataFrame objects as relational database tables, allowing them to be queried and manipulated in all the usual SQLAlchemy ways.

simmetrica (

Interested in displaying, aggregating and sharing event based time series data for all your applications? Look no further, it also comes with a little bit of customizable dashboard information too.


django-c10k-demo (

The future of Python and Django is bright. Using the proposed demo of tulip Aymeric was able to support 10,000 concurrent real-time connections to Django. Albeit experimental this just goes to show that things are starting to look awesome!

elephant (

Elephant is an S3-backed key-value store with querying powered by Elasticsearch.


PyBitmessage (

A Python implementation of the Bitmessage protocol.

locksmith (

Locksmith is an AES encrypted password manager. Looks good and is completely open source. Check out screenshots or the source.


pydashie (

Everyone likes Shopify’s Dashing, so here it is for your Python.


Python Jobs.


Django Developer/Architect (Melbourne, Australia)

at CombiTel [Contract]

Web Developer (Washington, DC)

at U.S. News & World Report

Software Developer (Washington, DC)

at U.S. News & World Report

>> More Python Jobs


The Flask Mega Tutorial (

This is an exhaustive flask tutorial with 16 parts. Taking you from creating a Hello World app, templates, Ajax, to debugging and testing your application.

Speeding up your Python code (

Max Burstein gives good guidelines with sample code of how to speed up your Python application. Definitely worth the read.

So you want to try PyPy (

If you are interested in trying out PyPy for your project check out this. These are the general steps you should follow if you are interested in achieving improved performance on your project with PyPy.

Overloading Django Form Fields (

A few tips to keep your Django form code, DRY and bug free.


A Brief Intro to Profiling in Python (

Awesome talk about Profiling by Russell Warren, in his quest to get the fastest possible bulk insert with SQLAlchemy.

Matplotlib and the Future of Visualization in Python (

Grid Based Game Engine for Python (



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