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April 12, 2013

Python 2.7.4, Python 3.3.1  and much more. 

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Friday,  April 12th, 2013



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Python 3.3.1 Released! (

More details after the jump, but bug fixes.


Python 2.7.4 Released! (

More details after the jump, but bug fixes.


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How do I find open source projects to contribute to (




chrome-loggerpython (

Very neat, chrome-logger allows you to import the chromelogger module into your project and allow you to log output to the chrome console in your browser.


colout (

Use colout to colorize output on the commandline. Check out the examples on the github page.


mackup (

Sync your Mac application files on dropbox easily with mackup. Supports many applications currently with more to come.


django-deployer (

Most people use one platform for deploying django projects. django-deployer aims to make it so that there is one settings file to rule them all. After asking a few questions you can deploy your application to any of the PaaS providers. Dotcloud, Stackato, Google App Engine, and more to come soon.


bumpversion (

bumping version numbers can be annoying at best, and everyone forgets to tag every release. bumpversion simplifies that down to a simple command.



Python Jobs.

Senior/Principal Software Engineer (Venice Beach, CA)



Python/Django Web Developer (Boston, MA)

at 829 Studios

>>> More Python Jobs


Add Two-Factor Auth To Your Website with Google Authenticator and Twilio (

Seems like everyone is implementing two-factor authentication in their apps these days and now you can too. This article goes step by step through the process of setting up two-factor auth in your flask app but the general idea can be applied to any of your web applications.


Approach: Building a toy template engine in Python (

If you ever wondered how template engines worked under the hook, check out this blog post where the author gives a guided tour through the creation of a toy template engine.


Extend CPython by writing Go using GoPy (

This is a really interesting idea. Essentially build CPython extension modules with Go. Click through for examples or head straight on over to the github repo.


SockJS and Tornado for Python real-time web projects (

Kristian has written a really informative article here. If you are interested in real time web projects this tutorial and introduction to using SockJS and Tornado together is a great place to start.


Python's magical self (

Python's `self` , some hate it, some misunderstand it and some just done care. In this post the author explains Python’s `self` argument and how it works with illustrative examples.


Improve Your Python: 'yield' and Generators Explained (

Python, Catastrophic Regular Expressions and the GIL (


Parameter Optimization with Zipline, PiCloud, StarCluster, and IPython Parallel (


SciPy Lecture Notes (


NumbaPro Monte Carlo Option Pricer (



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