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March 22, 2013

IPython Roadmap, Pycon 2013 Videos and much more. 

Issue #58: @jessenoller


Friday,  March 22nd, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!

We are back from PyCon and it was fantastic, big shout out to everyone who made PyCon US 2013 Possible.

One name we can’t leave without mentioning specifically is Jesse Noller who took the utmost care, in making PyCon 2013 welcoming to every man, woman and child. Please don’t let the foolishness of the internet color your view of the conference, it has been totally blown out of proportion. Mainly by people who weren’t at the conference itself.

Lots of changes in this issue, more to come!

First change that you will notice is that there is now a Jobs section in the newsletter. This is part of the change we are making to our job board

Job postings will now be for 45 days and your job will be featured in the newsletter for some duration during the 45 days your job posting is on the site. Check out Mike’s Post on this for more details.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, gripes or suggestions just hit reply to this email and let us know.

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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


Goodbye Malcom (

Very sad news. Long time Django contributor and community member Malcolm Tredinnick has passed away.

PSF Reaches Settlement, Ends Trademark Dispute (

The PSF’s trademark dispute in the EU over the use of the word Python for software has ended. The PSF has reached a settlement and now as exclusive rights for the use of the word Python for software. Click through for details.

IPython Roadmap 2013-2014 (

Checkout the IPython development roadmap for the remainder of this year and 2014.

PyCon US 2013 Talk Videos (

Miss PyCon US 2013? Well don’t fret, all the talks were recorded and will be put online for all to see. Thanks to the hard work of the video/audio team and the runners at PyCon US.

Schema Migrations for Django (

South author, Andrew Godwin  has started a kickstarter to get Schema migrations into Django proper. If this is important to you, head over to kickstarter and contribute!

Django Compressor 1.3 Released (

From our sponsors:

Discussions. Redesign Preview (


toro (

scales (

Scales tracks server state and statistics for your python apps. It also can send data to graphite. Check out the README for more details and usage examples.

moto (

Moto is a tool that allows you to easily mock out AWS services for your tests when using the boto library. If you are doing a lot of stuff with boto in your code, this is likely a massive time saver when writing your tests.

nginxparser (

Nginx parser is a parser for your nginx configuration files based on pyparsing. Useful if you are programmatically writing/reading your nginx conf or a number of other things.

benjen (

Benjen strives to be a little different than the usual static generator focused on simplicity as well as using Mako for templating. For more info check out the related blog post.

SublimeWebInspector (

Python Jobs.

Passionate Python hacker at Tangent Labs (London, UK)

Web Developer at U.S. News & World Report (Washington, DC)

>> More Python Jobs


Amy's game of life (

Wow. This is fantastic. 13 year old Amy Mather gives a presentation at the Raspberry Jamboree in Manchester recently. As with the article I don’t want to give away too much, but she presents about why she loves programming and talks about conways game of life.

Getting started with Python for Data Scientists (

Data Community DC gives a great intro to Python for aspiring(or current) data scientists. They give a breakdown of all the tools and resources you might need to get started as well as the tools you might need to proceed with doing some data analysis.

How we use Python at Spotify (

Last week we had Netflix and Hulu, this week we have Spotify posting about using Python at their company.

The Story of Pillow (

As you may well know Pillow now supports Python 3. Alex goes on to describe the path the pet project took from inception all the way from supporting tons of platforms, as well as help he received from the PSF to get it there.

Backing Up MongoDB to Amazon Glacier/S3 With Python (

Unless you use a hosted service you likely have to roll your own database backups. The author in this post gives a pretty good solution for backing up your MongoDB database to Amazon Glacier or S3 with some Python tools, check it out.

Stateful Testing with Hypothesis (

Adding Empty Set Literals to Python (


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March 29th, 2013


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