Issue #57

PyCon 2013

March 15, 2013

PyCon 2013
Pip, SQLAlchemy, Python Language Summit and much more. 

Issue #57: PyCon 2013


Friday,  March 15th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!

PyCon US is happening now. As we said last week both of us(Mahdi and Mike) are there, so if you see us, please come and say hi! On to the issue, we have a pretty packed one here for you today. Enjoy!

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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.

Setuptools Distribute Merge Announcement (
Awesome development in the Python community. They plan on merging in improvements from distribute to setuptools and progressing the tool forward from there. Lots happening in Python packaging’s future.

pip1.9 now supports SSL checking. (
Check out the changelog after the jump for more details.

SQLAlchemy 0.8.0 Released (
Newest release of SQLAlchemy boast many improvements(speed, consistency, extensibility) across the board, as well as support for new features like HSTORE.

Kivy 1.6.0 Released (

From our sponsors:


Python at Netflix (

Projects. ( is a collection of Raspberry Pi projects and ideas as well as an associated community. This is just newly announced so if you are interested in Raspberry Pi check it out!

cleanify (
Asynchronously beautify all the html, css and javascript files in your project with cleanify.

NewsBlur (
Google Reader is shutting down and another challenger enters. Newsblur has been around for awhile, but this open source news reader is definitely one of the premier options to look at for your RSS reading needs.

feedhq (

git-fat (
Do you have problems with unmanageably large git repositories due to large binary files? Git-fat aims to solve this problem by storing your “Fat” files on a remote server via. rsync and making them available transparently locally while keeping your `.git/objects` small.

shiva-server (
This is pretty great. Shiva is a RESTful api to your music collection. It provides a music player, an api and a music collection organizer. Check the README for all the details.


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Notes from the Python Language Summit (
Nick Coghlan has taking some great notes from the Python language summit that just took place at PyCon. Click through for the full recap.

Django Best Practices (
This document has been around and evolving for years and it has recently got a nice visual update. The crowd at Lincoln Loop know what they are talking about and this is a great place to start if you are new to Django and is also great to use as a reference if you are a more seasoned developer.

Expanding, Unpacking, or ... Splatting? (
This is a great explanation with examples of how Python argument unpacking works.

Python Is Not Just a Language — It's a Development Platform (
Awesome article that every Python developer should read. Good retrospective of Python by Doug Hellmann

Python and Hulu (
Its nice to see how companies are using Python in their stack. This is no exception, Hulu uses Python in plenty of places. Will be nice to see some more of these potentially open sourced as of right now only ecrypter is available.

Just how slow are Django templates? (
Benchmarking is a hard thing to do and results often should be taken with a grain of salt but in the end they are ultimately a pretty interesting exercise. In this post Django templates are benchmarked against Jinja2 templates on linux and windows.

Deploying Django with Salt Stack (
Provisioning tool Salt Stack is pretty great. Check out this article to learn some of the basics of using Salt Stack and how to deploy a Django app with the tool.  

Fast PyPy-compatible ordered map in 89 lines of Python (

Escaping a Python sandbox (

Sentiment analysis with Python (

Pandas and Python: Top 10 (


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