Issue #56

Women's Day

March 8, 2013

Women's Day
Women's Day, PyCon US, and much more. 

Issue #56: Women's Day


Friday,  March 8th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!

PyCon US is next week. Mike and I will both be there, please come say hi. We would like to meet as many people as possible! Now on to the newsletter!

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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.

Montreal Python workshop for women March 29th and 30th (
The Montreal Python user group is organizing a workshop for women who are interested in learning Python. Click through for all the details.

PSF: Introducing electronic contributor agreements (
You can now fill out contributor agreements electronically. All contributors to CPython are required to fill out the form so if you planning on contributing during the sprints at PyCon you should check this out.

From our sponsors:


What is the benefit of using Python for web apps? (


pynacl (
Python bindings for the NaCL Networking and Cryptography library.

django-sslserver (
Want to test some SSL in your Django development server? If so you should check out django-sslserver a SSL enabled devserver for Django. Setup is as simple as adding it to your INSTALLED_APPS.

django-fancy-cache (
Django-fancy-cache is Django’s `cache_page` on steroids. Plenty of updated features in here like overriding the cache prefix with a callable, cache invalidation by url pattern and  serve from cache but modify the response before it is returned. It also keeps stats of cache hits and misses and plenty of other things too. Check out the post for all the details.

motor (
Motor is a non-blocking MongoDB driver for Python Tornado applications.

bakthat (
Bakthat is a MIT licensed backup framework written in Python, it's both a command line tool and a Python module that helps you manage backups on Amazon S3/Glacier.

python-lust (
Implements the basics of creating a proper modern daemon on a Unix system in Python.


Looking for an awesome employer? Looking to hire incredible python development talent? You will definitely want to checkout the Pycoder's Job Board.


Data in CPython (

Python for Ruby Programmers (
Pretty cool slide deck comparing the differences between Python and Ruby. Some bold statements ahead, but definitely a good read.

Web Scraping 101 with Python (
Can’t remember if this was last week.

Threading in Python (
This is an introductory  article on using Python’s threading and Queue modules for multithreaded systems, the article does forget to mention GIL, which everyone should be concerned with when working with threads in Python

Taking Some Pain Out Of Python Logging (
Hate having to maintain various logging tools, and making sure they are all in sync? This article shows you a few ways to take advantage of some tools that have been around forever to get the job done easily.

Fixing Database Connections in Django (
This article shows you how to deal with the overhead of constantly opening new database connections for each new request in Django. This has since been fixed in Django 1.6 which work has just commenced on, but until then this article definitely worth the read comparing a few ways to solve the problem.

The controller pattern is awful (and other OO heresy) (

Deploying an ad-hoc IPython cluster on Joyent in 20 minutes for 15 cents (


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March 15th, 2012


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