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Prototype Pollution, PEP 703, 2022's Most Popular, and More

Jan. 17, 2023

Prototype Pollution, PEP 703, 2022's Most Popular, and More
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PEP 703: Making the GIL Optional in CPython
This PEP proposes changes to the CPython build process that would allow you to build a GIL-less interpreter. This kind of interpreter would not be ABI compatible with the GIL-based one, and the programmer would become responsible for some locking situations in C-extensions. If implemented, this would lead the way to being able to operate without the GIL in cases where backward compatibility issues are not important.

Prototype Pollution in Python
Prototype pollution is a particular attack in JavaScript where the base Prototype object is modified having wide ranging effects. Unfortunately, similar things can be accomplished in Python by messing with __class__.__base__. Read on for details.

Connect, Integrate & Automate Your Data - From Python or Any Other Application
At CData, we simplify connectivity between the application and data sources that power business, making it easier to unlock the value of data. Our SQL-based connectors streamline data access making it easy to access real-time data from on-premise or cloud databases, SaaS, APIs, NoSQL and Big Data →

Learn From 2022’s Most Popular Python Tutorials and Courses
Revisit some of your favorite Real Python tutorials and video courses from 2022. It’s been a busy year, with new materials on topics ranging from the basics to web development, machine learning, effective coding environments, and more.

Python 3.12.0 Alpha 4 Released


Debugging in Python Using code.interact()

Articles & Tutorials

Python Folium: Create Web Maps From Your Data
You’ll learn how to create web maps from data using folium. The package combines Python’s data wrangling strengths with the data visualization power of the JavaScript library Leaflet. In this tutorial, you’ll create and style a choropleth world map that shows the ecological footprint per country.

Speeding Up Your DataFrames With Polars
How can you get more performance from your existing data science infrastructure? What if a DataFrame library could take advantage of your machine’s available cores and provide built-in methods for handling larger-than-RAM datasets? This week on the show, Liam Brannigan is here to discuss Polars.

Access Web Data with Bright Data’s Toolkit for Developers
Bright Data, your 360 solution for data collection. Access complex websites and solve CAPTCHAs . Collect Data at scale from any location. Choose a dataset from our marketplace or create your own web scraper in minutes.  Find out how Bright Data makes web data accessible →

Logging Practices I Follow
“No matter what kind of software you’re developing, you most definitely leverage logging to some extent, probably every single day.” This article outlines good cross-language logging practices making it easier to find bugs and understand what has happened in your software.

Same Words, Different Meanings
One of the difficulties when comparing programming languages is that they sometimes use the same words to describe similar things, but always with differences. Sometimes the differences are large enough that we want to use different words, but often they are not.

Combining R and Python With {reticulate} and Quarto
Sometimes you might need to use R. Sometimes you might need to use Python. Sometimes you need to use both at the same time. This blog post shows you how to combine R and Python code using {reticulate} and output the results using Quarto.

Structured Logging With Structlog
Structured logging is the idea of creating logs that are both human readable and easily machine parsable. This article introduces structured logging, its advantages, and the structlog package for Python.

The yaml Document From Hell
As a data format, yaml is extremely complicated and it has many footguns. In this post Ruud explains some of those pitfalls by means of an example and suggests a few simpler and safer yaml alternatives.

Edge Computing & Data Replication
Companies are doing more work at the edge with the need for high precision, and highly granular data in real-time for decision-making. This e-book shows the challenges around edge computing and provides a solution to address this critical pain point.

Django: How to Log Users in With Their Email
Learn how to log users in with an email instead of a username with Django. This tutorial makes full use of Django’s built-in features to minimise custom code.
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I Scanned PyPI and Found 57 Live AWS Keys
Tom got stung by a leaked AWS key a while back and decided to go hunting. This article shows you how he scanned PyPI and just how many leaked keys he found.

Projects & Code

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nanoGPT: Repository for Training GPTs

Designed a Keyboard Using Python

fiftyone: Build High-Quality Datasets and Computer Vision Models

PyChatGPT: Python Client for the Unofficial ChatGPT API

Neutron: Cross-Platform Apps in Python Using HTML and CSS

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