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bpython, perf and Python 3.12, Packaging Binaries, and More

Jan. 10, 2023

bpython, perf and Python 3.12, Packaging Binaries, and More
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Discover bpython: A Python REPL With IDE-Like Features
In this tutorial, you’ll learn about bpython, an alternative Python REPL that brings code suggestions and many other IDE-like features to the terminal. Once you discover how much bpython can improve your productivity, you’ll never want to return to using the vanilla Python REPL again.

perf Engineering With Python 3.12
Python 3.12 can run in a special mode that allows Python functions to appear in the output of the Linux perf profiler. This article walks you through a dummy application and using the profiler to find the bad parts.

Fastest Residential Proxies to Scrape Anything Only at Smartproxy
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Packaging With Native Binaries
The pypackaging-native site is a collection of content about key Python packaging topics and issues for projects using native code, with a focus on scientific, data science, and ML/AI projects in the PyData ecosystem.

Pillow 9.4.0 Released

Plone 6.0 Released

Django Bugfix Release: 4.1.5


Python 2 Removed From Debian
The last remnants of Python 2.7 have been removed from the Debian builds. As with all discussions on the internet, this is both a celebration and a diatribe about how it was all done wrong. Enjoy!

Articles & Tutorials

Microfeatures I’d Like to See in More Languages
Some language features are intrinsic to the language, others are syntactic sugar that could easily be borrowed in other programming languages. This opinion piece from Hillel highlights some features from more obscure languages that should be stolen by the mainstream. Two Python features he’d like to see in more languages are chained evaluations (2 <= x < 10) and numbers with separators (1000000 == 1_000_000).

What I Learned Through Advent of Code 2022
This opinion piece from Dan Turkel outlines the new things he learned as part of doing the Advent of Code at the end of 2022. Topics include revisiting some classic data structures, using the new match statements, the not so new walrus operator, and more.

How to Write Tests in Python Using Doctest
Python’s doctest tool is useful to write tests for the code in the function by defining both the input and output values, saving time and effort while writing top quality code. Learn more about how to write tests using doctest using this step-by-step guide from Snyk →

Build Cross-Platform GUI Apps With Kivy
In this video course, you’ll learn how to build a cross-platform mobile application with Python and the Kivy GUI framework. You’ll discover how to develop an application that can run on your desktop as well as your phone. Then, you’ll package your app for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

How Shapley Values Work
Shapley values are machine learning explainability techniques that are easy to use and interpret. However, trying to make sense of their theory can be intimidating. This article explores how Shapley values work through code and simplified explanations.
AIDANCOOPER.CO.UK • Shared by Aidan Cooper

Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis With Python
Kyle Walker is the author of “Analyzing US Census Data: Methods, Maps, and Models, in R”. In this article he translates some of the book’s examples into Python.

Writing a Python SQL Engine From Scratch
SQLGlot is a an SQL parser/translator written in Python. This accompanying article explains the motivation behind the work and highlights parts of the design.

Infinite AI Array
Learn about an insane library containing special lists and dicts so that any missed calls automatically go to GPT3 and add a predictive value in its place.

30 Helpful Python Snippets
A collection of short Python snippets that can be helpful when you code. Includes uniqueness, anagrams, sizing info, chaining function calls, and more.

Find Your Next Tech Job Through Hired
Hired is home to thousands of companies, from startups to Fortune 500s, that are actively hiring the best engineers, designers, data scientists, and more. Create a profile to let hiring managers extend interview requests to you. Sign for free today!

Add Google Maps to a Jupyter Notebook
This article shows you how to integrate Google Maps into a Jupyter Notebook. Once embedded, you can programmatically manipulate the maps.

Lazy Evaluation Using Recursive Python Generators
Learn how to implement “lazy recursion” using recursive generators. Includes concrete examples where this technique is useful.

Projects & Code

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Cross Platform GUI Framework Based on HTML/CSS
GITHUB.COM/SCRIPTIOT • Shared by dragondjf

Loge Notebook: Interactive Reports
LOGE.READTHEDOCS.IO • Shared by Lukasz Laba

Python Terminal Music Player
GITHUB.COM/BMWANT • Shared by Misha Behersky

pyright: Static Type Checker for Python

meltano: CLI for ELT+

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