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March 1, 2013

 Django 1.5, 10 years of PyPy and much more. 

Issue #55: Timeit


Friday,  March 1st, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!

PyCon US is slowly creeping up, we are definitely excited! Tons of knowledge in this week’s issue.

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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.

Django 1.5 released (
Django 1.5 is out the door, lots of goodies in here so time to update your projects or get hacking on some new ones. Click through for all the details about this release.

10 Years of PyPy! (
Time flies! PyPy is in its 10th year and has accomplished a lot in that time. If you are interested in some PyPy facts or are just wondering what the hell PyPy is, check out the post.

PyCon Australia 2013 Call for proposals (
Planning on attending PyCon Australia this year? Maybe you should give a talk! PyCon Australia’s call for proposals is now open so go ahead and submit your talk now. Submissions will be accepted until April 5th.

From our sponsors:


What's the one Python trick you wish you knew when you learned Python? (


Matchbox (
MatchBox is a dropbox style clone that you can use on your own servers for file backup. Looks very interesting as it uses Flask and transfers files via http.

python-social-auth (
Python Social Auth aims to be your swiss army knife for authorizing with all the different social services out there. With support for multiple frameworks currently (Django, Flask, Webpy) and support for lots of services python-social-auth definitely warrants a look if you are looking for this type of functionality in your application.

django suit (
Interesting trend of paid for django application is starting to pop up.  As we can all agree the django-admin is bland, and need of much needed facelift. Django Suit is free for non-commercial ventures.

metrology (
This library is pretty cool, it lets you measure various metrics in your application code and easily pipe them to external tools like

mutpy (


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Python Django Web Application using Visual Studio (
Don’t see this too often. This is a guide to create a Django web application in visual studio and getting it up and running on Windows Azure. If the windows ecosystem is your jam you should check this out.

Virtualenv's bin/activate is Doing It Wrong (
The thesis of this post is that while virtualenv is a fantastic tool virtualenv’s bin/activate is inherently un-Unixy which can lead to plenty of problems. The author then proceeds to give suggestions on how to “do it right”.

A Tale of two queues (
This is an really interesting look at building pub-sub queues with ZeroMQ and Redis in both Python and Go. This post is quite the read and has accompanying benchmarks, it is definitely a good read for people who are trying to get a handle on this type of thing.

Patterns With Python: Poll an API (
One common pattern when polling API’s is having exponential backoff for API call retries when an API is not responding for some reason. This is also a really good pattern to use when implementing something like webhooks. Check out it.

Gevent For the Working Python Developer (
A guide for all newcomers to the gevent, tons of knowledge here to be had.

Path of a PyQter (
A guide for all newcomers to PyQt/PySide's QtNetwork / QtWebKit modules.

Problem Solving with Algorithms and Data Structures (

Configuring A Static Asset Pipeline With Django And Heroku (


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