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Real Python 2022 Wrap Up, Classifying Virtual Envs, PyTorch Compromised, and More

Jan. 3, 2023

Real Python 2022 Wrap Up, Classifying Virtual Envs, PyTorch Compromised, and More
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2022 Real Python Tutorial & Video Course Wrap Up
“It’s been another year of changes at Real Python! The Real Python team has written, edited, curated, illustrated, and produced a mountain of Python material this year. We added some new members to the team, updated the site’s features, and created new styles of tutorials and video courses.”

Classifying Python Virtual Environment Workflows
This article discusses the various ways of creating and managing Python virtual environments, including what kinds of tools are used. It categorizes the different styles and describes the impacts of the choices you make on your workflow.

Simple Observability Tool for Peace of Mind: TelemetryHub by Scout APM
We built TelemetryHub to make observability easy. It’s our goal to provide you with peace of mind by providing a user experience that’s intuitive, easy to use, and allows you to monitor and understand what’s happening inside your application at a glance →
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Compromised PyTorch-nightly Dependency Chain
The nightly PyTorch build was compromised between December 25 and 30th. This article describes what happened. Stable release branches were not effected. There is also an associated Hacker New Discussion.

PyPy v7.3.11 Release

NumPy 1.24 Released

PyConDE 2023 Call for Proposals: Deadline Jan 5th
PYCON.DE • Shared by Olakunle Olaniyi

Articles & Tutorials

Generate Images With DALL·E 2 and the OpenAI API
Learn to use the OpenAI Python library to create images with DALL·E, a state-of-the-art latent diffusion model. You’ll explore image creation and generating image variations. You’ll interact with DALL·E using API calls, and incorporate this functionality into your Python scripts.

The Return of Lazy Imports for Python
PEP 690 proposes the ability to delay when modules are imported, possibly providing performance improvements. The PEP has gone through a series of versions and there has been much discussion of the consequences. This article gives the latest info on the proposal.

Failed ML Project About Real Estate
“There aren’t enough failed data science projects out there. Usually, projects only show up in public if they work. I think that’s a shame. If we learn more from our successes than our failures, it makes sense to share more failures to help those around us.”

Boring Python: Code Quality
How to build, deploy, and manage Python applications in as “boring” a way as possible in order to maximize stability and reliability. Also, read the Hacker News Discussion associated with the article.

State Patterns in Python
Design patterns are conventional solutions to common challenges in software development. The State Machine pattern encapsulates the flow of change in a system. Learn to implement state patterns and finite state machines in Python.
AUTH0.COM • Shared by Robertino

Bit Manipulation: How to Solve Problems Efficiently
Storing data as bits can be very efficient and with the right operators you can do some amazing things quickly. This article introduces bitwise operations, bitmasking, and how to manipulate individual bits in a byte.

Why I’m Still Using Python
This opinion piece from Eric talks about how he started with Python and why he’s continued on the journey. There is also an associated Hacker News Discussion.

Enum With str or int Mixin Breaking Change in Python 3.11
A change in how Python handles str and int mixins in Enum classes might break your code when you upgrade to Python 3.11. Read on to see the problem and how Python 3.11’s new Enum classes solve it.

Django Email/Contact Form Tutorial
Coding for email isn’t too bad, but sending it can be a challenge. This tutorial walk you through how to use the popular SendGrid service as your SMTP server.

Top Python Libraries of 2022
This is the eighth edition of Top Python Libraries from these folks, with an emphasis on data science and ML. Includes links to previous years lists as well.
DESCOINS & LEZAMA • Shared by Mike McLeod

Building Desktop Apps With Electron & Django
Electron allows you to build desktop applications using web stack technologies. This article shows you how to take a Django project and Electron-ify it.

Projects & Code

Brought to you by Real Python for Teamssponsor
Online Python training created by a community of experts. Give your team the real-world Python skills they need to succeed →

Quibbler: Interactive Data Analysis and Visualization
ROY KISHONY • Shared by Roy Kishony

“MATLAB With Python” ebook
GITHUB.COM/ALDANIAL • Shared by Al Danial

django-cities: Cities & Countries Listings for Django Projects

cbp-translate: Generate Cyberpunk-Like Subtitles

csvkit: A Suite of CSV Utilities

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