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Best of PyCoder's 2022

Dec. 27, 2022

Best of PyCoder's 2022
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It is that time of year again, everybody is making lists. Hopefully you weren’t on the “naughty” one. 2022 has seen a lot of change in tech, from the release of Python 3.11 to the sudden surge in Mastodon use, the world of Python has been busy.

This week’s newsletter is a collection of the most popular articles and projects linked in 2022. Maybe you missed one, maybe you’ve got more time to read something in depth.

Here’s to you, dear reader. Thanks for continuing to be with us at PyCoder’s Weekly. I’m sure 2023 will be just as wild. Speaking of 2023, if you come across something cool next year, an article or a project you think deserves some notice, send it to us and it might end up in a future issue.

Happy Pythoning!

— The PyCoder’s Weekly Team
    Christopher Trudeau, Curator
    Dan Bader, Editor

Python 3.11: Cool New Features for You to Try
Python 3.11 is out! In this article, you’ll explore what Python 3.11 brings to the table. You’ll learn how Python 3.11 is the fastest and most user-friendly version of CPython yet, and learn about improvements to the typing system and to the asynchronous features of Python.

Python f-Strings Are More Powerful Than You Might Think
Learn about the lesser-known features of Python’s f-strings, including date formatting, variable debugging, nested f-strings, and conditional formatting.
MARTIN HEINZ • Shared by Martin Heinz

TelemetryHub by Scout APM, A One-Step Solution for Open-Telemetry
Imagine a world where you could see all of your logs, metrics, and tracing data in one place. We’ve built TelemetryHub to be the simplest observability tool on the market. We supply peace of mind by providing an intuitive user experience that allows you to easily monitor your application →
SCOUT APMsponsor

Say Goodbye to These Obsolete Python Libraries
It’s time to say goodbye to os.path, random, pytz, namedtuple and many more obsolete Python libraries. Start using the latest and greatest ones instead.
MARTIN HEINZ • Shared by Martin Heinz

Python list vs tuple Comparison
Learn how list and tuple are similar and how they are different, including storage and speed differences and how to choose between them.

How to Write User-Friendly CLIs in Python
How to write user-friendly Command Line Interface applications and an overview of several of the popular CLI libraries: argparse, Click, Typer, Docopt, and Fire.

Where Exactly Does Python 3.11 Get Its Speedup?
This deep dive into Python 3.11’s speed-up walks you through nine different optimizations that contribute to the 25% performance improvement in CPython.

Taipy | The First Open-Source Python Application Builder
Taipy is a new low-code Python package that allows you to create complete Data Science applications, including both graphical visualization, using intuitive low-code programming (Taipy GUI) as well as managing data and execution flow through pipelines and “what-if” scenario management Taipy Core →

Python’s “Functions” Are Sometimes Classes
Ever use list() or enumerate()? Think of them as functions? They’re not, they’re classes. Sometimes we call classes functions in Python. Why? And what’s a “callable”?

Processing Large JSON Files Without Running Out of Memory
Loading complete JSON files into Python can use too much memory, leading to slowness or crashes. The solution: process JSON data one chunk at a time.

Dunder Methods in Python: The Ugliest Awesome Sauce
Double-underscore methods, also known as “dunder methods” or “magic methods” are an ugly way of bringing beauty to your code. Learn about constructors, __repr__, __str__, operator overloading, and getting your classes working with Python functions like len().

A First Look at PyScript: Python in the Web Browser
In this tutorial, you’ll learn about PyScript, a new framework that allows for running Python in the web browser with few or no code modifications and excellent performance. You’ll leverage browser APIs and JavaScript libraries to build rich, highly interactive web applications with Python.

Build an Alexa Equivalent in Python
It’s not as difficult as you think to build an AI program that listens to speech and answers questions. You can make the magic happen in an afternoon by leveraging a few Python packages and APIs.

Connect, Integrate & Automate Your Data - From Python or Any Other Application
At CData, we simplify connectivity between the application and data sources that power business, making it easier to unlock the value of data.

10 Patterns for Writing Cleaner Python
Cleaner code is more focused, easier to read, easier to debug, and generally easier to maintain. This guide covers ten different patterns Python programmers should apply in their code.

Just Enough Cython to Be Useful
Cython is a superset of of Python designed to give C-like performance. Ever wanted to learn the basics? This article shows you how to get started.

Projects & Code

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Python Libraries for Cleaner Code

Common Python Cheatsheets

awesome-python: Awesome Python Libraries and Resources

BeeWare: Write Python, Run Everywhere Using Native UIs

Python Graph Gallery: A Collection of Hundreds of Charts Made With Python

Python f-Strings Number Formatting Cheat Sheet

190 Python Projects With Source Code

PyFlow: Visual and Modular Block Programing in Python
GITHUB.COM/BYCELIUM Bringing the Hell of Pointers to Python

konsole: Readable, Pleasing Console Output
GITHUB.COM/APPAREBIT • Shared by Robert Grimm

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