Issue #48

Pycoder's Jobs

Jan. 11, 2013

Pycoder's Jobs
 Django 1.5 RC1, PyCon US Schedule Released and much more. 

Issue #48: Pycoder's Jobs


Friday,  January 11th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!

Today we would like to announce a Pycoder's Jobs! We hope to list jobs from companies in need of Python developers and attract the awesome community of Python developers here. We hope you will share it with your company and with friends looking for work. 

We are extending a launch coupon code "
pycodersweekly" to interested parties on checkout for 20% discount. 

That being said this will have no effect on the content or quality of the newsletter. Ads will remain tasteful and relevant as always to keep the newsletter running.  
As always, if you have any questions, comments, gripes or suggestions just hit reply to this email and let us know.

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Mahdi and Mike 
News and Developments.

Vote on Djangocon EU Talks (
Planning on going to Djangocon EU? Well then time to vote for the talks you want to see. Compromised (
On Dec 28 an unknown attacker exploited a security vulnerability in In light of this the PSF recommends you change your password on any site that uses the same password as your wiki password.

Django 1.5 RC (
For those of you interesting Django, you will be glad to hear they have issued the 1.5 release candidate! Try it. Report issues.

From our sponsors:


First three digits of a phone number (
This is an outrageous  discussion of that shows there is more than one way to skin a cat. Final solution division. The lesson here is is beyond the solution.


pyhn (
Hacker news in your terminal. For all you HN fans this is pretty excellent and the interface looks great for this, implemented with the awesome urwid library.

github survivor (
This is great. The crowd at 99designs has released this previously internal project to keep track of work on GitHub issues. GitHub Survivor is a scoreboard for closing GitHub issues, what a great way to help keep your team motivated to tear through your backlog.

radon (
Ever wonder how complex your current code base it? Want to run cyclomatic complexity? Check. Raw data metrics on your code base? Check! Run it on your code you will see. Fight the stack!

howdoi (
Find yourself constantly googling for the simplest programming tasks? howdoi keeps you from flipping to the browser to google your question.

powerline-bash (
For those of you who need your tools to look beautiful  will definitely want to checkout powerline-bash. This adds powerline to your favorite terminal Bash/Zsh currently supported. Images after the jump!


Looking for an awesome employer? Looking to hire incredible python development talent? You will definitely want to checkout the Pycoder's Job Board.


Extracting binary relationships from english sentences (
This is incredible for you NLP nerds out there. Article goes on how to describe relationships between terms in english sentences.

A guide to Python frameworks for Hadoop (
Everyone is talking about big data these days and Hadoop is a tool often used for the processing of these large datasets. This article gives you a rundown with the details of all the popular python frameworks available to use hadoop.

Creating and optimizing a letterpress cheating program in Python (
Mahdi is really bad at letterpress so this is a article that should be plenty of help to him. In this article the author guides you through the creation of a cheating program for the popular IOS app letterpress.

Implementing a Python OAuth 2.0 Provider - Part 1 (


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