Issue #47


Jan. 4, 2013

Julython, Funding for Kivy, and NLTK, and much more. 

Issue #47: Jobs


Friday,  January 4th, 2013

Happy New Year Pythonistas!

In case you guys missed it we compiled a list of the interesting python projects of 2012.

To start off the new year we have a new project we have been working on. We would like to announce that we will be launching a Pycoder's job board next week! Interested parties should contact us by simply replying to this email. We hope to provide quality positions for those of you looking for work. 

That being said enjoy the issue! 
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Mahdi and Mike 
News and Developments.

Julython in January (
Julython is back, but in January! Time to make an extra effort to work on your open source projects to help move your city up the leaderboard. Go the website for instructions to get setup. Do it!!

Grants to Assist Kivy, NLTK in Porting to Python 3 (

Heroku now supports different Python runtimes (
This is neat, just add a `runtime.txt` file with your chosen Python runtime and you are off to the races. Default is now 64bit Cython 2.7.3.

From our sponsors:


Python the language of the Decade. (


nosecomplete (
Nosecomplete is a nose plugin to allow completion of test modules/classes/etc on the commandline. There are accompanying bash and zsh settings in the README to get you all setup. ( is an interesting concept. The idea is to use the service to authenticate your accounts from over 40 services (github, bitbucket, twitter, flickr, etc) and then access each services API via with HTTP Basic authentication rather then using OAuth.

pulsar (
New year, new web servers. Interesting event driven concurrent framework for python which support all version of python from 2.6+ and pypy.

emit (
This is an interesting concept that  promises to gives you subscriptions to function results, using redis.


Will Scientists ever move to Python 3? (
In this article the author puts the “impossible” task of moving the entire scientific community to Python 3 into focus.

Decorators and Functional Python (
Extensive look into functional python and writing your own decorators in python. If you are looking to understand and write your own decorators, solid read.

Detecting Language with Python and the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) (
NLTK is very useful natural language processing library. The author shows a pretty excellent use case with step by step instructions to use NLTK to detect the language of some selected text.

Improve your webapp backend connections (
This might be something that most backend developers might be interesting taking a look at. Every wonder how your web application would behave if you lost a service? This blog post proposes one solution using vaurien.

Writing A Transport Adapter (
In the Requests HTTP Library 1.0 support for transport adapters has been implemented. Transport adapters “provide a mechanism to define interaction methods for an "HTTP" service. They will allow you to fully mock a web service to fit your needs”. The author shows you how to implement a transport adapter to be used with requests.

Python Increment is weird (
This post is about Python’s `+=` operation  and about its intended and seemingly unintended side effects. Check out this article as well as part two. They are interesting posts and have some lively discussion surrounding them as well.


Pycoder's Weekly Issue # 47
January 4th, 2012


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