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Nov. 23, 2012

Pypy 2.0, arrow, and much more. 

Issue #41: datetime.


Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Hi Pythonistas, 

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News and Developments.

PyPy 2.0 Beta 1 Released! (
This is an unusual release for the PyPy community, it has been labeled a beta but in many ways it is just as stable and performant as the previous releases. This is due to a few regressions. That being said PyPy now supports ARM processor.

First Python meeup in Denmark Nov 30th (
If this is interesting to you and you are in Denmark check out the link for more details.

python-keyring vulnerability in Ubuntu (
If you are running one of the versions of Ubuntu in the report, time to update! via apt-get not pip.

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Most pythonic way to duplicate a dictionary and add/change certain keys. (

Which is more pythonic? (


arrow (
Dealing with Time and Dates in basically every language is a pain and in Python this is no different. Arrow attempts to alleviate some of this pain by providing a library with  better interface for time and date manipulation.

markbox (
Another python blogging service we know, but this one is very opinionated project and might be of interest to people who love using Dropbox for everything.

mockredis (
This is very useful. Writing tests for parts of your app that use Redis. Check out Mockredis a mock for the redis-py library.


Chronology of Packaging (
In this post Tarek gives a rundown of the chronology of Python packaging. If you are interested in the history of Python packaging and maybe some insight into where its going, this is a good and quick read.

How To Package Your Python Code (
You wrote some code, its on Github and people want to use it. Now what? Its probably time to get your code packaged up and in the cheeseshop. Check out this tutorial that will guide from from start to finish in the process of packaging up your latest Python project.

Loving Python (
For those of you who long for the thrill when you first discovered Python, this articles is both informative and nostalgic check it out.

Python Mock Gotchas (
Awesome article on common pitfalls using Mock with external services, they discuss issues that presented amongst their team, tons of examples.

Database Migrations with Alembic, SQLAlchemy and Flask (

Green Tree Snakes - the missing Python AST docs (
The official Python AST docs are here. Green Tree Snakes tries to be a more comprehensive `Field Guide` for the Python AST module and seems to accomplish this stated goal quite well. Check them out to get started hacking.

Case Study: URL Design (

Traps for the Unwary in Python’s Import System (
Watch out over there! Read this to help you avoid the traps and pitfalls waiting for you when dealing with Pythons Import system.

A Guide to Python's Magic Methods (
Ever wonder what all the Magic methods like __dir__ and __repr__ do in Python. If so check out this exhaustive guide to all of Python’s magic methods with some nice code examples and detailed explanations.

Understanding Decorators (
Quite exhaustive tutorial for beginners looking to understand how decorators work and few things about functions you might have not know.


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November 30th, 2012


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