Issue #40

Over the hill

Nov. 16, 2012

Over the hill
Gunicorn, Conference Videos, and much more. 

Issue #40 : Over the hill


Friday, November 16th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas, 

So back by popular demand, we are doing another run of Pycoder's Weekly Tees. If you missed out last time here is your chance to be among the elite. We have done completed new design for this round of shirts that we think is pretty amazing. Support us and spread the word. 

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Mahdi and Mike
News and Developments.

Modern Web Technologies Conference (
Call for Speaker for jspyConf in Turkey.

Gunicorn 0.16 is ready (
This release should be tagged by the end of the coming week, eager beavers are asked to test and report bugs. Another large development now Python 3 is supported! Awesome milestone for the project.

Salt Stack 0.10.5 Released (
Salt is an open source tool to manage your infrastructure. This version boasts many new features including improvements to the job cache and improvement to the outputter system.

From our sponsors:


The Performance Impact of Using dict() Instead of {} in CPython 2.7 (


codernitydb (
This is incredibly interesting. CodernityDB is a noSQL database that is written in Python. Its key features are that it is schemaless,  fast, has support for multiple indexes and the fact that it is embeddable. Check out the tutorial to get some more details.

HTTPretty (
For those of you web developers out there for testing functions that require APIs to be up have to deal with all sorts of things, like if the service is up. HTTPretty aims to take one thing of your plate as a  HTTP client mock library.

pymcu (

qtile (
qtile is a full-featured, hackable tiling window manager written in Python. For those of you disappointed with the current options with your distro. Check out what is possible.

pySCSS (
pySCSS compiles SCSS (Sass), a superset of CSS that is more powerful, elegant and easier to maintain than plain-vanilla CSS. It allows use of  variables, nested rules, mixins, and have inheritance of rules awesome for the front-end who loves Python


7 Python Libraries you should know about (
Awesome article that covers very useful but lesser know python packages in the community. Must read.

Continuous integration of Django projects with Jenkins (
Testing is important and as a general rule if you don’t automate it you won’t do it. This is why things like Jenkins or Travis CI are so great.  In this post the author explains step by step how to set up your Django project with Jenkins so you can start testing your app today.

Is Python call-by-value or call-by-reference? Neither. (
In this article Jeff very clearly explains how arguments are passed to functions in Python. Jeff’s very detailed blog post is a must read for both new Python developers looking to learn more about the language and more experienced developers looking to refresh their knowledge. Great post!

Pelican + Heroku + Cloud9 (
Get a static site set up simply, easily and free with the instructions in this blog post. Use Heroku, Pelican and Cloud9 ide to get your site setup and running in no time.

Getting started with Ramp: Detecting insults (
For those of you unfamiliar with Ramp, Its a python library for rapid machine learning prototyping. Kevan goes on to show how to solve the Kaggle detecting insults problem. Cool for those of you interested in machine learning.

Bootstrap your Django admin in 3 minutes (
This is pretty cool. If you like the style of twitter’s bootstrap this is worth investigating in your django project. Simply setup your Django project to use bootstrap for the built in admin.

PyCon CA 2012 Conference Videos (

PyData Conference Videos (


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November 23rd, 2012


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