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Aug. 31, 2012

John Hunter passes away, pixeltable, and much more. 

Issue #29 :  Memorial


Friday, August 31th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas, 

Sad news in the Python Community this week. John Hunter author of Matplotlib and founding board member of NumFOCUS has passed away. NumFOCUS has started The John Hunter Memorial Fund to help pay for the education of his children. If you want to give something, visit the site to donate.

If you want a sticker send us a self addressed stamped* envelope to**: 

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Mahdi and Mike
News and Developments.

Python 3.3.0 release candidate 1 released!  (
We are getting close. Python 3.3.0 rc1 is in the wild! Click through for the list of changes and be sure to try it out and report any bugs.

Getting started with Django (
Kenneth Love is raising money on Kickstarter to build a “Getting started with Django” screencast series. If this interests you check this out and support him. (
Quickly write and deploy mobile applications with a simple Python api to either IOS or Android through the app. This is super cool, click the link to get more info and check out the demo.

PyData NYC 2012
Registration is live for PyData NYC. Its happening October 26-28 in Midtown Manhattan at Lighthouse International. Take a look at the site for more details.


You could literally change the way the world shops and pays. BorderJump is hiring Python and PHP developers in Nashville, TN.


So what have you built with


django-sqlpaginator (
This django app allows you to paginate results from queries made with raw sql rather then the ORM. It supports LIMIT and OFFSET as well as ORDER_BY queries. Pretty useful if you need to stray outside the ORM in your django project.

numba (
This is pretty neat. Numba is a NumPy-aware dynamic Python compiler that uses LLVM. Numba is intended to “compile Python byte-code to machine code especially for use in the NumPy run-time and SciPy modules.”

Python Books (
Awesome! This good looking site has a list and links to freely available Python books. Lots of gems in here, check out Github for the source.

maze (
Cool little project. Who didn’t love mazes when they were a kid. Dale certainly did. When working from home this is a fun little thing to keep the kids busy.

marisa-trie (
Static memory-efficient Trie structures for Python (2.x and 3.x). String data in a marisa-trie may take up to 50x-100x less memory than in a standard python dict.

pixeltable (
Replicate any image file as a HTML table. Check out this pure html version of the official Python logo. Nifty little tool.

otrace (


Selenium tests with Django 1.4+ on Jenkins (

Finding the top K items in a list efficiently (
If you are dealing with large datasets or you like hearing about cool algorithms this post will certainly shed some light on using heaps rather than simply working with lists.

Getting started with RedHat's OpenShift (
RedHat’s OpenShift is a fairly new kid on the block in the arena of platform as a service providers.  Kevin Veroneau gives a great intro to get Django setup on RedHat’s service.

Treating configuration as code with Python’s import hooks (

Numba VS Cython (
Excellent article! This article is a comparison between pure python, numba, and cpython for computational analysis. Numba is definitely worth a closer look.
An Analysis of the Top Python Repositories Hosted on Github (
Very cool article on the state of open source in the python community. We love this article. Definitely solid read tons of insights. Use pyflakes and pep8.

Deploying WSGI applications with Puppet (

WSGI App Deployment with Ubuntu, Ansible, Nginx, Supervisor and uWSGI (

Deploying a Pyramid App on AppFog (


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