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Aug. 24, 2012

PyCon Austrialia, web bots and much more. 

Issue #28 : Fabric 


Friday, August 24th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas, 

We have another full issue this week, lots of news and new projects released or discovered anew. We love to see so much awesome happening in the Python community. As always, if you have written an article or some code, get in touch and let us know.

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Mahdi and Mike
News and Developments.

PyCharm 2.6 adds Flask support (
This announcement is awesome for two reasons. Flask support being one. Another is that the plugin can used as a guide for creating your own framework plugins using PyCharm’s OpenAPI.

AWS Elastic Beanstalk now supports Python (
“Web scale” just got easier for Python developers. Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk now support Django and Flask application. More details after the jump.

PyCon Australia 2012 Videos (
Click through to check out videos of talks from PyCon AU 2012.

Experimental Python 3 Support in Django (


You could literally change the way the world shops and pays. BorderJump is hiring Python and PHP developers in Nashville, TN.


Making a web bot, where do I start? (


bookie (
Bookie is a Python based open source version of the original bookmarking site delicious. Try it out.

blessings (

A thin, practical wrapper around terminal capabilities in Python. This allows for styling and coloring of your terminal and various text formatting. Definitely worth a look if you are starting a cli application.

beaker (
Beaker is WSGI middleware for sessions and caching to be used with both web and standalone python applications.

pyjnius (
This is a pretty cool new project that is in the early stages. It allows you to access Java Classes from python using JNI. Check out the examples in the readme!

anafero (
Getting the word out on anything is hard enough. You want to be able to track sources of traffic  and see which ones are most effective. Anafero handles link generation as well as storing that valuable data.

pathod (
Pathod is a collection of pathological tools for torturing HTTP clients and servers, it consists of a HTTP Daemon, HTTP client and a tools to use these in your tests . This is
from the author of mitmproxy, check it out.

Helm: Real-Time Discussions (
Daniel Lindsey and Ben Spaulding from ToastDriven have launched this Indiegogo project to raise 50K to work on their project Helm whose goal is to create “Public (& private) real-time discussions meets long-term archival with great search & apis, released as BSD-licensed open source.” Check out the campaign!


Amazon EC2 Deployment with Boto (
Take your deployments on Amazon EC2 a step further and automatically provision your EC2 instances using Boto and Fabric. Awesome.

Easy tracing of nested function calls in Python (
In this article Eli provides a simple decorator to help trace nested function calls in your Python applications.  

Django Dash 2012 Roundup (
Miss the action last weekend during the Django Dash?  No worries. Stephen put together a list of teams with links to the code and site. Definitely worth a gander.

Fixing common unicode mistakes, After they’ve been made. (
Character encoding, unicode, sometimes your nightmare. As this post points out, you can do everything right and it can still go horribly wrong. If you are consuming text from code you didn’t write, this blog post can enlighten you how to fix problems presented by this code after it happens. Code and enlightenment within.

Matplotlib Animation Tutorial (


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August 31st, 2012


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