Issue #27


Aug. 17, 2012

PyTexas, Stompy, and much more. 

Issue #27 : Stompy


Friday, August 17th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas,

Those of you who ordered a shirt in Canada, don't worry they are on their way. They just started to trickle in this week.

Jam packed issue this week. So many conferences you should attend one. Do it.

If you want a sticker send us a self addressed stamped* envelope to**: 

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Mahdi and Mike
News and Developments.

PyTexas 2012 (
Got any plans for 15th-16th of September? No. Good. Why not attend? Maybe even submit a talk?

Jython 2.5.3 Released (

Meet Stompy (
18 foot  wide, 4,000 pound, 6-legged, python-powered hydraulic walking robot. That’s something we can do now, with a little bit of crowdfunding.

PyCon US 2013: Keynotes, Jobs fair announced (


You could literally change the way the world shops and pays. BorderJump is hiring Python and PHP developers in Nashville, TN.


Namespaces are good vs. Flat is better than nested.


hammock (
This is pretty cool. Hammock is a fun module lets you deal with rest APIs by converting them into dead simple programmatic APIs. Definitely worth a look.

django-predicate (

monner (
Ever get confused what application is bring your machine to grinding halt (Firefox on OSX most likely). Monner allows you to monitor network and memory usage; tab separated for easy export.

xkcd password generator (
xkcd is funny. its even more fun with developers with a little time and tendency to take things a little seriously bring you things as awesome as this.

pytrace (
Pytrace records function calls, arguments and return values to aid in debugging and profiling.

webkit2png (
Oldie but a goodie. Taking full length browsershots hasn’t been easier with webkit2png.


Why your boss should send you to DjangoCon (
Forward this to your boss.

Changing Django cache backend between test cases (
Ever need to change your cache backend when writing tests? This is your ticket. The author goes in detail about the right way to change your cache backend between test cases.

Codec confusion in Python (
In this article Armin Ronacher answers the question “What do str.encode and str.decode actually do in Python 2.x”. As always, great post by Armin.

How to crawl a quarter of a billion web pages in 40 hours?  (
You got 600 dollars laying around? Michael goes on to describe how he went about crawling a quarter of billion web pages with Amazon EC2 and python. This is a long read; but definitely a good one.

Using Python metaclasses to make awesome Django model field choices (

Python as Super Glue for the Modern Scientific Workflow [Video] (

Get Your Flask Apps Up And Running Fast on EC2 (
If you have a Flask app hanging around this might be of interest to you. Quickly get your Flask apps up and running on Amazon EC2.

Multi-Armed Bandit; A Primer (


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August 24th, 2012


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