Issue #26


Aug. 10, 2012

PyCon Canada, bitey, and much more. 

Issue #26 : Curiosity


Friday, August 10th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas,

We have definitely enjoyed seeing all the people with thier shirts. Tons of stuff in this issue thanks to all the people who sent in stuff this week! Keep them coming. 

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Mahdi and Mike
News and Developments.

PyCon Canada (
This is awesome news for all of you Canadians (like us!). PyCon Canada is going to be in Toronto, Ontario Nov. 9-11 bringing all the PyCon goodness with it. Get your tickets!

PyCon Canada is looking for speakers with a range of experiences and ideas. This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and get visibility for all your hard work. If you're new to speaking, you'll be in front of a friendly audience and we can connect you with people and resources to help you to craft your talk.



360pi is a price intelligence solutions company that aims to provide the best product in the industry. They are a small (but very driven) team that has high ambitions, loves cool new technologies and avoids bureaucracy at all costs. They are currently hiring inspired developers take a look here.

Python "compile-time" type checking


piano (

decrypt (
Want to be like the hackers in the movies, decrypt puts you one step closer. This program takes over the screen and flickers random characters then slowly displays piped content. Cool little hack. ( is an open source realtime collaborative mind mapping tool. If you are interested in doing some mind mapping with some teammates for your latest and greatest project, take a look.

bitey (
This is pretty amazing. Are you a little dangerous? Want speed? Need to use llvm bitcode directly into your python applications. Bitey’s got what you need. David Beazley warns bitey can sting. Use with caution.

debug-inspector-panel (
Do you find yourself always printing out variables when debugging your code? Debug inspector adds a panel to django-debug-toolbar to allow you to get as much information as possible in about the variables you are interested in.


Log unique request IDs with Pyramid (

Stateless and Proud in the Realtime World (
Armin Ronacher of Flask fame talks about creating stateless “realtime” systems. This is a really great essay and worth the read. Really.

Python’s Innards: Introduction (
Interested in learning about Python internals? Look no further, this is the first of a series of posts by the author about Pythons internals. Check out the rest of the series here.

Flask Tutorial Video Series (
One of our readers submitted this great Flask tutorial video series. If you are interested in learning the ins and outs of Flask this is a great place to start.

Understanding Python's "With" statement (

Introduction to Python for biologists (
Python is pretty popular in the sciences. The Python community has things like NumPy, SciPy and Pandas. Now for Biologists looking to get started we have this amazing introductory Python course.

Python modules in C (
This articles outlines writing your own C extensions to Python. Dan doesn’t claim to cover general C extension development; but goes thru a thorough example for creating your own modules.

Using sub-generators for lexical scanning in Python (

Multicore Programming in PyPy and CPython (


Pycoder's Weekly Issue # 27
August 17th, 2012


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360pi is changing the face of retail and price intelligence. They are a small, but motivated team looking for developers, analysts, and engineers who also share their enthusiasm for new technologies, artificial intelligence and coding in general. Check out their open positions here!

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