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Aug. 3, 2012

Django Dash, Code Academy provides Python,  and much more. 

Issue #25 : Rise


Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Hi Pythonistas,

We made it to issues 25, thanks for all your support on the way here!

We would like to make a general call for project and article submissions. So if you have written an article or have released some amazing project that you would like us to know about please either respond to this email or send us a line at 
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Mahdi and Mike
News and Developments.

Announcing Django Dash 2012 (
It's that time again! It's time to grab your coffee, redbull and determination and get ready to code up a storm for this years Django Dash.  The competition takes place on Aug. 18-19, so head on over and get registered once registration opens Aug. 4.

Code Academy Announces a Python course (
Up until now Code Academy has only been front-end languages like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and jQuery. Now Code Academy is making its first foray into server-side languages with Python. Know someone who wants to learn Python? Direct them to Code Academy!

Radio Free Python Episode 9 (
The latest episode of Radio Free Python has been released. This episode features an interview with David Beasley.

Django Security releases issued (1.3.2, 1.4.1) (
There have been security releases issued for Django. Click through to see affected parts of Django and resolution of those issues. All users are recommended to upgrade Django immediately.

South 0.76 Released (



360pi is a price intelligence solutions company that aims to provide the best product in the industry. They are a small (but very driven) team that has high ambitions, loves cool new technologies and avoids bureaucracy at all costs. They are currently hiring inspired developers take a look here.

What was your most clever use of a python script in everyday life? (


flower (
Keeping in theme with the vegetation, flower is a web based celery monitoring and administration tool. Quite awesome if you are wrangling celery workers.

django-experiments (
If you are interested in trying some A/B testing in your next Django project you should check this out.  This is an AB Testing Framework for Django and Nexus. It is completely usable via template tags. It provides support for conditional user enrollment via Gargoyle.

python-patterns (
This is a pretty cool python repository for a bunch of cool little design patterns in python from all over the place. fun little read.

nasa-apod-desktop (
Like Space? Run Ubuntu on your computer? This is a script that automatically downloads the NASA picture of the day and sets it as your Desktop background in Ubuntu.


Scaling a Django Application with Memcache (
This article was written for Heroku’s devcenter by a Memcache addon provider. However, almost all of the advice in this article is useful for the enterprising Django developer who wants to squeeze more performance out of their Django application with Memcache.

Python 101: Introduction to Logging (
We all use `print “debug statement”`.  Then once you finish you have to go back through your code and remove them. Step up your game, and learn how to setup some logging.

Attaching custom exceptions to functions and classes (
There usually isn’t a great need to add a custom exception in python, but when the need arises you want to able to use them conveniently. Mr. Greenfeld outlined neat little trick for attaching custom exceptions to classes. Use sparingly.

Quick doesn't mean dirty (
In this post the author fights the idea that writing code fast and getting things done means you have to write dirty code. The author runs through a quick tutorial using Flask to create a simple(if old school) guestbook for your website.

How to Setup a Linux, Nginx, uWSGI, Python, Django Server (

Shops near you – geographic features of GeoDjango (
If you are looking to add some GeoLocal features to your Django application, you should check out GeoDjango. In this post the author gives step by step instructions how to get get setup with GeoDjango and to create an Application that displays shops near you.

How to Create an Android App and APK on Android with Python (


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August 10th, 2012


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360pi is changing the face of retail and price intelligence. They are a small, but motivated team looking for developers, analysts, and engineers who also share their enthusiasm for new technologies, artificial intelligence and coding in general. Check out their open positions here!

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