Issue #88


Oct. 18, 2013

 asyncio in Python 3.4, pyenv and much more.

Issue #88: asyncio
Friday,  October 18th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!


We have got a good issue for you all this week, hope you enjoy!

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An Embarrassing Confession To Make From a Wannabe Programmer (

Oliver you got this. Be positive.




pulsar (

Looking for a web framework in Python that put asynchronous operation first?  that is Event driven concurrent framework for Python.


dnsyo (

This is a neat script that allows you to check if your dns entry has been propagated on over 1500 Global DNS Servers.


ggplot (

A port of the R library ggplot2 to Python. Here is the related blog post with a lot more details. Great development for Python.


pyenv (

Need to manage your different versions of Python better? pyenv lets you do that simply, and unobtrusively.


humanhash (

Get human readable representations of hex digests with humanhash. Useful for identifying digests without having to memorize/compare long hashes.


billy (

An open source recurring billing system powered by Balanced. Still in beta so beware.


PredictionIO (

A prediction server for building smart web applications. Allows you to build applications that predict user behaviors and support the latest state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. This is awesome!


django-debug-panel (

Chrome developer tools are amazing, this plugin brings Django-debug-toolbar into the Chrome DevTools panels. If you are a heavy user of the Chrome DevTools check this out.



Python Jobs.

Python/Django Developer (London, UK)

at Tangent Labs.


Software Engineer (Minneapolis, MN)

at STAR Collaborative.


Web Application Developer (Philadelphia, PA)

at Lacoda.



Celery For Internal API In SOA Infrastructure (

This article discusses various approaches to effectively use Celery Nodes and Queues to build a internal API for service oriented architecture.


Training Random Forests in Python using the GPU (

Random Forests are are popular algorithm for tackling complex prediction problems. In this post the author looks at implementations of this algorithm and benchmarks the performance against a GPU Random Forest library.


An Architecture for Django Templates (

If you have been wondering how to organize and deal with your Django templates this post has great tips about coding style, organization, layout, etc.


Getting Started with Django Rest Framework and AngularJS (

This is a fantastic and very in depth guide to getting up and running with Django Rest Framework and AngularJS in your Django project.


Night of the Living Thread (

The author gives a great post mortem and walkthrough of the discovery and fix for a bug in Python's threading.


Django Postgres Timezone Pitfalls (

A simple Django app with documentation that shows you all the many traps and pitfalls surrounding the use of DateTimeField and timestamps in Python in conjunction with PostgreSQL.


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Oct. 25th, 2013


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