Issue #65


May 10, 2013

PyPy 2.0. Enums and much more. 

Issue #65: Enums
Friday,  May 10th, 2013


Hi Pythonistas!


Lots of new projects and articles this week. Enjoy the latest.


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Mahdi and Mike

News and Developments.


PyPy 2.0 Einstein Sandwich Released! (

Newest release of PyPy support greenlets now! Follow the link for more details.


PEP 435 (Enums) is Accepted! (

Follow the link for details to how the semantics will work, and another reason to make the jump to Python3.

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I've found my niche and I'd like to build a Python career on it. (




django-xadmin (

Drop in replacement for django-admin themed with twitter bootstrap. Comes with ability to add plugins as well as built in dashboards.


s2protocol (

This cool little library allows you to take apart starcraft 2 replays into python data structures. I am just waiting for someone to make a web application that can play these back now.


iSniff-GPS (

This is pretty clever, this application when run looks for ssid probes (when your phone is looking to connect to wifi network) and using the information the iOS devices sends; maps a plot of previous locations and wifi hotspots.


pip-tools  (

A set of tools to keep your pinned python project clean and up to date.


django-timelinejs2 (

Those of you who have seen timeline.js probably thought to yourselves, maybe I should combine this with my favorite web framework. Those of you who love django. Look no further. (

Don’t get confused. This has nothing to do with Django’s This aims to be a human friendly CLI builder for Python.


Python Jobs.



Django Dev interested in ElasticSearch & EC2 (New York, NY)

at Backstage


Python Developer (Chicago, IL)

at Panopta



>>> More Python Jobs


Performance Impact of Using dict() Instead of {} in CPython 2.7 (

If you are on CPython 2.7 should you be using dict() or {} to create dictionaries. Check out this article to find out.


Wasp's Nest: A Lock-Free Concurrency Pattern In Python (

In this post the author explains the use of a lock-free concurrency pattern, read-copy-update, in PyMongo. Great deep dive into this topic where you learn about this pattern and how PyMongo handles replica set failovers.


Running Supervisor on OS X. (

Nick has written a fantastic post about doing local process management on your OSX machine with Supervisor. Very useful if you do a lot of your development directly on OSX rather than in a VM.


Debugging CherryPy applications with Werkzeug (

The Werkzeug debugger is fantastic and very useful for debugging python web applications. This is a simple guide to getting the Werkzeug debugger running with your CherryPy application.


Monochrome font rendering with FreeType and Python (

This is pretty neat. Render 1-bit text with Freetype and Python suitable for use on low resolution displays like a Monochrome LCD.

Accelerating Python Libraries with Numba (Part 1) (



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May 17th, 2013


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