Issue #6

Vernal Equinox

March 23, 2012

Vernal Equinox
Pycoder's Weekly (Issue #6) : Vernal Equinox

Issue #6 : Vernal Equinox


Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Hi Pythonistas,

So as promised,  we have created an archives page for the past issues of Pycoder's Weekly. It can be found on homepage, under archives. We are working on a new layout for the newsletter so stay tuned, if there is anything you would like to see, please just hit reply to this email.  Share the gift of knowledge, tell someone about PyCoder's Weekly.


Mahdi and Mike
News and Latest Developments.

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Taught with Python
MIT has an Introduction to Computer Science course where the fundamentals of programming and Computer Science are taught with python.

Pyramid Web Framework 1.3 (with Python 3 support) Released
Version 1.3 of the Pyramid Web Framework dropped this week. Among other features, Pyramid 1.3 has support for Python 3 compatibility. Check out the site for the full list of feature additions and updates.

Django Djourney
I am sure we all remember when we were starting out learning whatever framework we use to build tools; scouring the internet for good reliable content. Look no further, Cory has been touching on a lot of beginner Django topics and he is just getting started.


Discoball is a tool to filter streams and colorize patterns. This was originally written in Ruby; and it was definitely improved by two commits. One removing all the ruby. Two rewriting it in python. This is pretty cool for adding color to commands you use everyday, like highlighting line numbers in stack traces.

Airy: Web Application Framework
This is a pretty cool web framework In Contrast to most currently available frameworks, Airy doesn't use the standard notion of HTTP requests and pages. Instead, it makes use of WebSockets (via Unfortunately no SQL support is planned to added, hopefully this will change.

Django Twilio
Ever wanted to quickly add twilio support to your django app? Well look no further, Randall Degges has got you covered.

Email Pie
This can be really useful, especially when creating email forms on the web(maybe even like a newsletter signup?). Email Pie is a JSON Api that allows you to easily validate email address. It checks things like email format, mx records and obvious misspellings. Nice work Bryan!

Base Template for Django 1.4
This is very useful if you are starting a brand new Django 1.4 Project. Its a base template for Django 1.4, so basically you run django-admin startproject and specify this as its template and it sets up your django project based on the template. This is based off the work of Mozilla’s Playdoh and even if it doesn’t suit your needs entirely its a good place to start to fork and create your own project template.

pyprocessing - A Processing-like environment for doing graphics with Python
This project provides a python package that creates an environment for graphics applications that closely resembles that of the Processing system. The pyprocessing backend is built upon OpenGL and Pyglet, which provide the actual graphics rendering.


Python 3 transition gripes; I'm writing a py2/3 intermediate layer that sucks
This is a very good discussion around writing software that is compatible in Python 2 and 3 and how to achieve this cross-compatibility. This is certainly worth giving a read if you have to maintain a project in Python 2 and 3, or intend to.


A Guide to Python's Magic Methods
Extremely cool and very informative article on the inner workings for python. A must read for the curious python developer.

How Reddit ranking algorithms work
Very informative article on how the ranking system for Reddit works with sample implementations in our favourite development language.

Ajax and Django
Seeing that quite a few people have trouble with Ajax and Django, the guys from Bracket have decided to do a write up on how to get things done. Quite long, but good overview on how to get on your way.

Python internals: how callables work
Eli Bendersky wrote this great article about how callables work in Python 3.3. If you are looking for a deep dive into some of Python’s internals this is definitely worth checking out.

Deploying A TurboGears Project to DotCloud
Here is a quick tutorial of how to get a Turbogears project working on the cloud hosting service DotCloud. If you are a Turbogears user this might be worth checking out.

Processing XML in Python with ElementTree
This is another one by Eli Bendersky, this article gives you a really great breakdown of your options for parsing/processing XML with the modules included in Python 2.7 and then goes on to show in depth examples for accomplishing many common XML parsing/processing tasks with Python.

Custom bash completion for fabric tasks
One of the most useful tools available to a Python hacker doing things for the web is Fabric. This is a simple bash completion script that allows you to complete commands for tasks in your fabfiles.


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