Issue #5

Jam Packed

March 16, 2012

Jam Packed
Pycoder's Weekly (Issue #5) : Jam Packed

Issue #5 : Jam Packed


Friday, March 16th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas,

This week has been a crazy one, the issue is jam packed with Python news.  We have included a round up of Pycon happenings to fill you in on what's been going on.

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Lets get to it!
Mahdi and Mike
News and Latest Developments.

Django's Future and Python 3
On the Django website there is a post talking about the progression towards python 3 and reveals that there is a plan to include experimental support for Python 3 in Django 1.5.

Django 1.4 RC2
As per the Django release schedule the Django team as issued RC2 last release candidate before the release of Django 1.4. You are encouraged to try it out and report bug if found.

IronPython 2.7.2
They have added the much awaited sqlite3 library and loading archives from the zip files and tons of bug fixes.


Avalanche: A Python Web Framework with a focus on testability and reusability
A new python web framework built on top of webapp2 with jinja2 templates. This focus on creating reusable and testable code is definitely interesting and we can’t wait to see if this framework picks up any steam in terms of adoption.

EasyDB: Simple SQL Persistence for Python
Do you hate managing schema, connections, and transactions? Do you need more than just a simple key value store? Enter EasyDB by Ben Dowling which simplifies and removes the annoying, so you can focus on getting shit done.

We are all dreading it. but the move to python3 IS coming. python-modernize modernizes python code for eventual Python 3 migration. Built on top of 2to3, cool project by Armin Ronacher.


Why is reading lines from stdin much slower in C++ than Python?
This starts off as a question comparing some python code and some C++ code for reading lines from stdin. What follows is some great discussion about why python is faster in some cases then C++ and some optimizations for the C++ and Python code.

Goto in Python
This stack overflow question produces discussion about multiple implementations of the Goto statement in python. Also related to this is the discussion about another python implementation of Goto  and its accompanying discussion on Hacker News.

Why we need Python in the Browser
This is good article about adding support for python in the browser, we think this would be pretty awesome, then we won’t have to hear from javascript developers anymore.  Article also shared some projects leading the way for this, notably Python Webkit


PEP 20 (The Zen of Python) by example
This is a fun post/talk demonstrating the Zen of Python by example. Worth checking out!

Excellent article and slide set; about dealing with the pain of Unicode in python applications. Ned goes through and explains problems that exist with Unicode and several pro-tips for you text bending Jedi.

Django 1.4 Cheatsheet
Cool cheat sheet provided by the REVSYS team, for the upcoming release of Django 1.4

Check out PyVideo. All the videos you can handle from current and previous Python related conferences. If the video is available, its probably here.

2012 PyData Workshop Panel with Guido van Rossum [Video]
If you are interested in Python and the use of Python in the scientific community then you should check out this Panel at the 2012 PyData workshop hosted by Google.

iOS Support for Kivy
Kivy is a rapid development environment for rapid development for applications to make use of innovative interfaces such as ones with multi-touch interfaces. Kivy now allows you to package apps as iOS apps which is very cool. Kivy supports 5 platforms that you can deploy your apps to without having to change a single line of your code.

Frighteningly Ambitious Startup Ideas
After Paul Graham delivered his PyCon Keynote he released this blog post which captures the sentiments of his Keynote in blog form.

What you need to know about datetimes[pdf]
This is a PDF of Taavi Burns’s slides from the talk he gave at pycon about python datetimes. Dealing with time can be a pain so this is definitely worth checking out.

Stepping Through CPython [Video]
Very in depth video by Larry Hastings about CPython’s internals. The talk starts with a simple program and then slowly steps through the CPython. The goal of the talk is to basically get you started by showing you the things you would need to know to head down the path to becoming a Core Developer on Python.


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