Issue #52

Year 2

Feb. 8, 2013

Year 2
EuroPython, Codeq, Topaz and much more. 

Issue #52: Year 2


Friday,  February 8th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!

Wow! This is the 52nd issue of Pycoder's Weekly which means we have been doing this for a year. We just want to let you know how thankful we are and how humbling it is to have you tune in every week to read the newsletter. We had no idea when we started this that Pycoder's would get the kind of reception it has had and be as successful as it currently is. So thank you again for sticking with us we hope we can continue to be better in the next year then we were in our first.

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Mahdi and Mike 
News and Developments.

Committers Needed For Tastypie & Haystack (
Daniel Lindsey has contributed a lot to the Django/Python community through his work. He is now looking for some people to help out and take over his two very excellent projects, Tastypie and Haystack. Check out the post for more information on how to get involved.

Europython 2013 call for proposals is open (
EuroPython is in Florence July 1st-7th. If you are looking to give a talk at EuroPython the call for proposals is now open with the deadline being March 5th.

Python gets big data boost from DARPA (
Wow. DARPA has awarded $3 million to Continuum Analytics to fund the further development of Blaze.

Codeq: Static Analysis for Python Projects (
Pretty cool project for running static analysis on your Python projects. Sign in with github and see. Seems to be running PEP8 checks as of now.

From our sponsors:


Packaging Security in Python (


data_hacks (
The crowd at bitly has released command line tools and utilities for data analysis. Among the utilities are ones that create bar charts and histograms from data inputted on the commandline as well as some other useful utilities.

django-db-tools (
This is a set of database tools for running django applications in production. The tool currently provides an interface for flipping the site into read only mode. Here is a write up on the tool in action here.  

python_koans (
Python Koans is a port of “Ruby Koans” it is an interactive tutorial for learning Python by practicing TDD and making tests pass.

pastepm (
Host your own beautiful paste service with pastepm. You can see a site running the service here. Beautiful open source.

ddt (
DDT is data-driven-tests. It allows you to provide data to a test case via a decorator and it will execute that test case for each data value you provide in the decorator. Take a look at the example usage for more details.

topaz (
A new implementation of Ruby written in Python on top of RPython same  way another project you might be familiar with called Pypy. This project boasts simplicity and performance as it guiding lights.


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Machine Learning and Data Mining - Association analysis with Python (
This is by no means a short post, but exposing a  hidden relationship between diapers and beer in the buying habits of men might just make it worthwhile.  Excellent article.

Of being lazy (
Interesting article about lazy loading in python and other way you can get the desired effect without the overhead of complexity.

Introduction to NumPy (
This articles discusses a little bit of the history and few steps to get your started on the path to being a number crunching machine.

Write cleaner Python: Use Exceptions (
Insightful and practical article on idiomatic ways of using exceptions for everyday programming.

UDP Multicast in Python and Bittorrent Live (


Pycoder's Weekly Issue # 53
February 15th, 2012


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