Issue #50


Jan. 25, 2013

docopt, idiomatic python, and much more. 

Issue #50: Iterators


Friday,  January 25th, 2013

Hi Pythonistas!

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Mahdi and Mike 
News and Developments.

docopt 0.6.0 Released. (
For those of you unfamiliar with docopt, it completely simplifies the creation of command line application interfaces. New releases has some requested features as well as Git example app.

Pymongo 2.4.2 is out (

Getting Started With Django (
If you remember, awhile ago, Kenneth Love ran a fundraiser to raise money to work on Get Started with Django. A series of video lessons aimed at django beginners to help them learn how to use Django. The first lesson is up there now and looks good. If you are looking to jump into the Django ecosystem you should check this out.

Django 1.5 Release delayed (
More details after the jump.

The Writing Idiomatic Python (
Awesome book for writing idiomatic Python! Definitely worth look for looking to level up their master of the language and its idioms.

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Dealing with multiple versions of Python in many environments (


delorean (
Time travel made easy! Our very own Mahdi has released delorean which aims to make working with dates and datetimes in your Python projects a breeze. Check out the project itself or the comprehensive documentation.

mincss (
This is pretty great. Mincss clears out the css selectors you aren’t using in your project. Very useful when cleaning up an old project or want to remove excess css selectors you aren’t using from bootstrap or other css UI libraries.

lice (
Convenient little application that provides licenses for your open source applications, rather than having to google for it. It supports BSD, MIT, and GPL variants.

imdb-pie (


Looking for an awesome employer? Looking to hire incredible python development talent? You will definitely want to checkout the Pycoder's Job Board.


Python String Formatting (
Awesome article for those you who find yourselves constantly trying to remember how format strings.

Beginners Guide to PyCon 2013 (
Going to PyCon for the first time this year? You should checkout this beginners guide to PyCon both part 1 and part 2 have plenty of great tips so you can do the right thing while at PyCon.

Statically embedding Python on Windows (

Iterables, Iterators, Generators (
Cool iPython notebook that discusses the different uses and applications of well, iterables, iterators and generators.

An Arm Wrestle with Python's Garbage Collector (


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