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Python Launcher for UNIX, Python in the Browser, Data Visualization with HoloViz, and More

Aug. 17, 2021

Python Launcher for UNIX, Python in the Browser, Data Visualization with HoloViz, and More
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Introducing the Python Launcher for Unix
Python Core Developer and Steering Council member Brett Cannon recently released his Python Launcher for UNIX project. In a nutshell, the Python Launcher for UNIX gives you a command that always launched the latest version of Python that you have installed. Learn the motivation behind the project and some of its bonus features in this introductory article.

Python News: What’s New From July 2021?
The Python community saw some great changes in July 2021. In this article, you’ll get up to speed on the big-ticket items that happened this past month, including some news about the CPython Developer-in-Residence position at the Python Software Foundation.

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PyCharm 2021.2.1 Release Candidate Is Out
Curious about what the next version of PyCharm will bring? Check out the latest release candidate!

NVIDIA Releases CUDA Python


The Problem With “Python Packaging”
This Twitter thread from Glyph, the creator of the Twisted framework, explores some common misconceptions about Python packaging and its exosystem.

Python Jobs

Data Engineer (Newport Beach, CA, USA)

Senior Backend Developer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Backend Software Engineer (Remote)

Python Developer (Remote)

Software Developer (Remote)

Backend Software Engineer (Washington, D.C., USA)

Senior Cloud Platform Engineer (Berlin, Germany)

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Articles & Tutorials

Feasibility, Use Cases, and Limitations of Pyodide
The Pyodide project brings Python to the browser by compiling the interpreter, and 75 built-in packages such as NumPy and Pandas, to Web Assembly. Pyodide is being explored at Microsoft as a way to allow VS Code users to run Python scripts without a local Python installation. This case study explores Pyodide’s feasibility for this project and outlines some of the limitations the team encountered. You’ll also learn about some other features of VS Code for which Pyodide is being considered.

Visualization and Interactive Dashboard in Python
Have you ever heard of HoloViz? It’s a set of Python visualization and plotting tools for browser-based data visualization and presentation. In this article, Sophia Yang — a senior data scientist at Anaconda — explains why she loves HoloViz and what her workflow looks like when using it.

The Ultimate Guide to Cardinality for Observability
Cardinality is an unavoidable consequence of scale that can’t be solved by simply throwing more resources at it. This guide will help you understand what it is, why it impacts observability, as well as how to work with, and around the limitations of high-cardinality performance data →

Pythonic Monotonic
After someone shared some code from a technical interview book and asked if it was “Pythonic,” Ned Batchelder rewrote the code to see if he could come up with something better. See the problem and his solution, and check out the comments in the article and on Hacker News for more implementations. What can you come up with?

Supporting Python Open Source Projects and Maintainers
How do you define open source software? What are the challenges an open source project and maintainers face? How do maintainers receive financial, legal, security, or other types of help? This week on the Real Python Podcast, we have Josh Simmons from Tidelift and the Open Source Initiative to help answer these questions.

Deliver Clean and Safe Code for Your Python Applications
Learn how static code analysis tools have helped the Python community identify (and fix) bugs and vulnerabilities in some prominent open source Python projects. Read more!

Reading and Writing Files With Pandas
In this course, you’ll learn about the Pandas IO tools API and how you can use it to read and write files. You’ll use the Pandas read_csv() function to work with CSV files. You’ll also cover similar methods for efficiently working with Excel, CSV, JSON, HTML, SQL, pickle, and big data files.

Projects & Code

scalene: Scalene: A High-Performance, High-Precision CPU, GPU, and Memory Profiler for Python

cuda-python: CUDA Python Low-Level Bindings

pycm: Multi-Class Confusion Matrix Library in Python

gpsdclient: A Simple GPSD Client and Library
GITHUB.COM/TFELDMANN • Shared by Thomas Feldmann

borb: A Python PDF library
GITHUB.COM/JORISSCHELLEKENS • Shared by Joris Schellekens

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