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What To Do When You Botch a PyPI Release, E2E Testing Approaches, Walrus Operator Use Cases, And More

Aug. 10, 2021

What To Do When You Botch a PyPI Release, E2E Testing Approaches, Walrus Operator Use Cases, And More
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What to Do When You Botch a Release on PyPI
Mistakes happen to everyone. But what do you do if you make a mistake when releasing a package to PyPI? Don’t panic! There are a number of things you can do to fix a bad release. This article walks you through several scenarios and suggested solutions.

Scale Up Your E2E Tests Using Mock Server
End-to-end (E2E) testing is a crucial step in delivering high-quality software, but the ins and outs of E2E can be challenging. You often need multiple, separate services to talk to each other during tests, and coordinating this can be difficult. Learn some approaches for E2E test development and how the new Cornell Python package can help make your life easier.

Track Requests to Your Python Applications End-to-End With Datadog APM
Analyze your Python apps’ performance by drilling into error traces with Datadog’s App Analytics to debug and optimize Python code. Trace requests end-to-end across web servers, databases, and services in your environment and start visualizing your apps’ performance with Datadog APM free →

The Walrus Operator: Python 3.8 Assignment Expressions
In this tutorial, you’ll learn about assignment expressions and the walrus operator. The biggest change in Python 3.8 was the inclusion of the := operator, which you can use to assign variables in the middle of expressions. You’ll see several examples of how to take advantage of this new feature.

2021 Django Developers Survey
Are you a Django user? The Django Software Foundation wants to hear from you!

The First Python 3.10 Release Candidate Is Out


Reddit AMA With Will McGugan, Author of Rich and Textual
Learn all about Rich and Textual in this Q&A thread with the libraries’ author. Ever wondered what Will thinks of the new pattern matching feature coming in Python 3.10, or whether plots will ever come to Rich or Textual? Find out here!

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Articles & Tutorials

Django Rest Framework Recipes
The Django Rest Framework (DRF) allows you to build REST APIs on top of Django. This article explores some recipes for various tasks in DRF taken from the author’s real-world experience.

Starting With FastAPI and Examining Python’s Import System
Have you heard of FastAPI? An application programming interface is vital to make your software accessible to users across the internet. FastAPI is an excellent option for quickly creating a web API that implements best practices. This week on the Real Python Podcast, David Amos is back, and he’s brought another batch of PyCoder’s Weekly articles and projects.

Rev APIs Solve All of Your Speech-to-Text Needs is the most sophisticated automatic speech recognition in the world. Our speech-to-text APIs are more accurate, easier to use, and have less bias than competitors like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Try free for five hours right now →

NumPy Views: Saving Memory, Leaking Memory, and Subtle Bugs
NumPy has a built-in memory view feature that helps reduce memory usage for large arrays. But in some cases, memory views can cause higher memory usage, and even cause bugs by mutating data in unexpected ways. Learn how memory views work, what common issues are, and some takeaways to help you decide when memory views are a good choice.

Using the Python return Statement Effectively
In this step-by-step course, you’ll learn how to use the Python return statement when writing functions. Additionally, you’ll cover some good programming practices related to the use of return. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to write readable, robust, and maintainable functions in Python.

Add Vector-Based Semantic Search to Your Applications Using Pinecone
Pinecone makes it easy to add vector-based semantic search (and more) to your applications. Try it free today

Get Yourself a Better Django Proxy Experience
Ah, Django proxy models and the power they hold! Yet, the implementation aftermath can highlight a number of unwanted side-effects. Here’s a couple of tips when working with Django proxies that will make end-users grateful and developers sigh in relief.
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Projects & Code

Brought to you by Real Python for Teamssponsor
Online Python training created by a community of experts. Give your team the real-world Python skills they need to succeed →

catanatron: Fast Settlers of Catan Python Implementation and Strong AI Player

python-ftfy: Fixes Mojibake and Other Glitches in Unicode Text, After the Fact

cornell: Record and Replay Mock Server for End-to-End Testing

bagua: A Distributed Training Library for PyTorch at Blazing Fast Speeds
GITHUB.COM/BAGUASYS • Shared by Xiangru Lian

Refactor: Python Source Code Refactoring Toolkit
GITHUB.COM/ISIDENTICAL • Shared by Batuhan Taskaya

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