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Running a One-Woman Hardware Company, Building a Django Blog, Understanding Django Sessions, and More

May 25, 2021

Running a One-Woman Hardware Company, Building a Django Blog, Understanding Django Sessions, and More
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The Tools and Tech I Use to Run a One-Woman Hardware Company
Winterbloom makes open-source, boutique synthesizers. There’s a lot that goes into running a hardware company. Someone has to design the hardware, code the firmware, write the documentation, not to mention administrate the company. Winterbloom does all of this with just one engineer — Stargirl Flowers. Learn what tools and tech Stargirl uses to run her company, and how Python fits into the big picture in more ways than one.

What Is WSGI and Why Do You Need Gunicorn and nginx in Django?
Django is one of the most popular Python web frameworks. But you can’t run a web application with Django alone. You need a host of other tools in place to deploy a Django project, from a server to run your application to a server to handle incoming requests. In this article, you’ll learn about Gunicorn and Nginx and how they work together with Django to deliver a web application to your users.
DENIS OREHOVSKY • Shared by Denis

Improve Python Memory Management and Reduce End-User Latency with Datadog’s Continuous Profiler
With Datadog, you can visualize Python performance using detailed flame graphs to pinpoint CPU, memory, and IO bottlenecks and end-user latency. Seamlessly correlate logs and traces at the level of individual requests for quick troubleshooting. Try Datadog’s Continuous Python Profiler today →

Build a Blog Using Django, Vue, and GraphQL
In this step-by-step project, you’ll build a blog from the ground up. You’ll turn your Django blog data models into a GraphQL API and consume it in a Vue application for users to read. You’ll end up with an admin site and a user-facing site you can continue to refine for your own use.

Help the PSF Raise $80,000 by June 12th

PyPy v7.3.5: Bugfix Release of Python 2.7 and 3.7


Can You Dynamically Count How Many Positional Arguments Are Passed to a Function?
While you might not find yourself with a need to count the number of positional arguments to a function very often, the answers to this Stack Overflow question contain a lot of interesting Python language features that you might not be aware of.

What Are Some Must Learn Libraries in Python?
Lots of standard library and third-party modules and packages get a shout-out in this Reddit thread. What would you pick as the top libraries a new Pythonista should learn once they’ve got a good grasp on the basics of the language?

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Articles & Tutorials

Understand Django: Per-Visitor Data With Sessions
How does Django know when a user is logged in?  Where can the framework store data for a visitor on your app?  In the next installment of his Understand Django series, Matt Layman answers those questions and looks at a storage concept in Django called sessions.
MATT LAYMAN • Shared by Matt Layman

How to Set Up a Django Project
In this course, you’ll learn the necessary steps you’ll need to take to set up a new Django project. You’ll learn the basic setup for any new Django project that needs to happen before programming the specific functionality of your project.

One API to Manage Transactional Messages From Your Python App: Email, SMS, Push, In-App, Slack
Trigger event-based messages from your Python app in just a few lines of code. One API with endpoints for white-label branding, sophisticated automation rules, and an in-app inbox. Product can design messages with our drag and drop editor. 10k notifications free /mo with Courier →

Scaling Data Science and Machine Learning Infrastructure Like Netflix
Would you move your data science project from a laptop to the cloud? Would you also like to have snapshots of your project saved along the way so that you can go back in time or share the state of your project with another team member? This week on the Real Python Podcast, listen to Savin Goyal, the technical lead for machine learning infrastructure at Netflix, talk about Metaflow, an open-source tool to simplify building, managing, and scaling data science projects.

Why the Sad Face?
The Black autoformatter adopts some conventions that might surprise you the first time you use it. One of those conventions — the “sadface dedent” — moves closing parentheses in function signatures and other block headers to their own lines. This creates a line containing nothing but ):, which looks like a sad face emoji. Łukasz Langa, Black’s creator, explains why Black does this.

Dockerizing Django With Postgres, Gunicorn, and Traefik
Learn how to configure Django to run on Docker. You’ll see how to set up Django with a Postgres database, run your application with Gunicorn, and handle incoming requests with Traefik, which is an Nginx alternative for microservices. You’ll also learn how to manage TLS certificates in production using Let’s Encrypt.
AMAL SHAJI • Shared by Amal Shaji

Get Started Today On Crunchy Bridge: Fully Managed Cloud Postgres
Rival IQ needed to evaluate new providers for their 3+ TB Postgres database and chose Crunchy Bridge on AWS for integrating with their Heroku app. The result: performance improvements and better developer workflow with a seamless migration experience. Read the customer success story to learn more.

Unravelling async and await
In the latest article in his Syntactic Sugar series, Python steering council member Brett Cannon explains how the async and await keywords work and how they evolved from earlier language constructs.

Build a Bulk File Rename Tool With Python and PyQt
In this step-by-step project, you’ll build a bulk file rename tool using Python and pathlib to manage the file renaming process and PyQt to provide the application’s GUI.

Projects & Code

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recommenders: Best Practices on Recommendation Systems

dagster: A Data Orchestrator for Machine Learning, Analytics, and ETL

sqlfluff: A SQL Linter and Auto-Formatter for Humans

sh: Full-Fledged Subprocess Replacement for Python 2.6, PyPy, and PyPy3

vim-clutch: Code for Using a Raspberry Pi Zero W to Send Key-Strokes to Vim

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