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Dec. 7, 2012

 Guido joins Dropbox, PyCon Talks, Speak Up, and much more. 

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Friday,  December 7th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas, 

Thanks to everyone who bought a T-Shirt, they should be arriving in 7-14 days slightly longer for international readers. For those of you who missed it earlier this week we previewed a little thing we are working on, we would love to hear your thoughts. 

December is almost here and the Christmas season is approaching and in that spirit over the next few weeks we may have some gifts to give a way, so keep an eye out!
As always, if you have any questions, comments, gripes or suggestions just hit reply to this email and let us know.

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Mahdi and Mike 
News and Developments.

PyCon US 2012 Accepted Talks (
List of accepted talk for PyCon US. Feast your eyes.

Speak Up (
Since we are always sharing all the upcoming  python conferences with you guys, we thought that it might be cool if we shared with you guys a community of people willing to help you get out there and give your first talk.

24 Pull Requests (
24 Pull Requests is a yearly initiative to encourage developers around the world to send a pull request every day in December up to Christmas. Python community might be interested in the Python tag. :)

Guido Joins Dropbox (

From our sponsors:


How do you use Python at work? (


appypi (
For those of you who find it tedious to create new virtualenvs when you just want to try out a new package are in luck this week.  Try appypi, a virtualenv-sandboxing package with a simple install/remove/update command line interface.

PyT (
From the README, PyT is a “High Performance Python DSL for generation of (X)HTML with preprocessing and template inheritance”. This is definitely an interesting idea, would you use something like this?

exam (
Exam is a series of tools and helpers to help you write better tests. Cut down on boilerplate testing code and write clearer tests.

fbone (
Fbone is a Flask template application. It handles all the standard HTML Boilerplate you would have to write yourself using jQuery, Bootstrap and HTML5 Boilerplate.

graph-explorer (
This is awesome. Graph-explorer is a dashboard for graphite that lets you display graphs and metrics in an ad-hoc way. Click through to check out the README and video examples. This looks pretty powerful, if you use graphite you should check this out.

who-wrote-this-shit (
Besides the horrible name, this application is pretty cool. It can take sample data where authorship is clear and use that to determine (with some marginal error, of course) the author of unknown articles.

python-route53 (
python-route53 is a standalone library for dealing with the Amazon Route 53 DNS service. python-route53’s focus is on ease of use with this single purpose library rather than the more monolithic Boto API.


Common Pitfalls with Django and South (
Its pretty standard to use South for database migrations when you are developing a Django project.  This article helps you avoid the common gotchas and pitfalls you can encounter when using South in your Django project. Great read and very informative.

Improving your Python Productivity (
Everyone can stand to be a little more productive. This is a fantastic list of things that you can do to help you be more productive when using Python in your day to day.

Masonry, infinite scrolling and Django (
A lot of websites these days use infinite scrolling to load more results for you and you scroll down the page. Kenneth over at Brack3t has written this article to show you how to easily implement infinite scroll in your next Django project.

The Right Way to Internationalize Your Application (
Many of fear the day we will have to take our english only application and support other languages. This articles discusses ways to alleviate that fear and avoid the saddening `UnicodeEncodeError`.

Architecture Behind (
Awesome article that describes the process of building and some of key components and tools that enabled it to happen. Solid read if you are into music and python!

A Primer on Python Metaclasses (
Metaclasses, how do they work? In this post the author gives quite a detailed rundown of Python Metaclasses. This is a must-read for anyone learning Python or looking to refresh their knowledge of Python Metaclasses. After reading this, you can also check out this fantastic Stack Overflow question on the topic.

Static Compilation - That is the point (

Pelican - A static blog generator for Pythonistas (


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