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PyCon 2019 Deadline, Jupyter Notebooks, and More

Dec. 11, 2018

PyCon 2019 Deadline, Jupyter Notebooks, and More
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PyCon 2019 Proposal Submission Deadline Is Fast Approaching
If you’re interested in giving a talk or hosting a poster session at PyCon 2019, be sure to get your proposals in before the deadline on January 3rd.

SQLAlchemy for MySQL and Pandas
Running SQL queries and loading the results directly into a Pandas dataframe with SQLAlchemy (read_sql_query()). Using this approach, the 4.5+ seconds it took in Eric’s example to grab data, analyze the data, and return the data was reduced to about 1.5 seconds. Impressive gains for just switching out the connection/management method.

How to Grow a Neat Software Architecture Out of Jupyter Notebooks
“Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve got Jupyter notebooks so huge that you were feeling stuck in your code?” It’s easy to get to that point with any notebook or REPL-based workflow, and Guillame shares some interesting ideas in this article.

Get a Data Science Job in 6 Months, Guaranteed
With 1-on-1 mentorship, career coaching, and personalized support, you’ll gain the skills and experience you need to get hired in a new role with Springboard’s Data Science Career Track. The average reported salary increase was $23k. Launch your new career with Springboard. Apply today →

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python
An opinionated guide to the Python programming language and a best practice handbook to the installation, configuration, and usage of Python on a daily basis. Community-powered and contributor-friendly (pull requests welcome).

Pipenv: Promises a Lot, Delivers Very Little
Opinionated piece on Pipenv, the Python packaging tool: “In this post, I will explore the problems with Pipenv. Was it really recommended by Can everyone — or at least, the vast majority of people — benefit from it?” Also see the related discussion on Hacker News.

Teaching Kids to Code: I’m a Developer and I Think It Doesn’t Actually Teach Important Skills
The gist of this opinion piece is that sending kids to code clubs and “summer coding camps” may teach them the wrong skills at the wrong time. That said, I think I would’ve loved to go to a summer coding camp as a kid… Worth a read if you’re thinking about teaching your kids how to code.
JOE MORGAN opinion

Sending Emails With Python
Find out how to send plain-text and HTML messages, add files as attachments, and send personalized emails to multiple people using Python. Covers talking directly to an SMTP server and how to use the APIs of a transactional email service like Sendgrid (which is what we do for PyCoder’s Weekly).


(Possibly) Quitting Python Development After 2 Years of Non-Stop Learning
“I just can’t finish a damn project. I’ve been learning entirely on my own. I can honestly say I’ve received zero assistance apart from help on minor bugs.”

When You Try to Choose a Meaningful Variable Name…

A Love Letter to f-strings

What It’s Like to Be a Moderator on a Python Forum
Brian is a project manager by day, and by night he’s one of the moderators of the Pythonista Café. In this interview, he talks about how Python helps him in his role as a project manager, and how moderating a large forum for Python enthusiasts has impacted his coding chops.

Python Jobs

Software Engineer (Munich, Germany)

Senior Software Engineer (Munich, Germany)

Lead Engineer (Munich, Germany)

Backend Software Engineer (Vancouver, BC)

Head of Engineering (Remote)

Cybersecurity Firm Seeks Backend Lead (NY or LA)

Senior Software Engineer (Los Angeles, CA)

Senior Developer (Chicago, IL)

More Python Jobs >>>

Articles & Tutorials

How to Fix Your Python Code’s Style
This article demonstrates how to run the flake8 code linter only on files that were modified recently. When you inherit Python code that doesn’t follow the style guidelines that your team prefers for new code, this technique will come in handy.

Using Python to Calculate Monthly Car Payments
How interest rates/APR affect monthly payments, and how the length of a loan affects total interest paid. Nice, practical tutorial with lots of examples and illustrations. If you’re thinking about financing a car, why not put those Python skills to use.
MICHAEL GALARNYK • Shared by Michael Galarnyk

How to Become a (Good) Python Podcast Guest
A podcast episode about being a podcast guest: Brian Okken and Michael Kennedy talk about how you can become a podcast guest and what to expect. This is so meta it’s giving me seizures!
TEST & CODE podcast

Love Python? Show It With Some Python Swag
Show your love for the best programming language in the world and make your day more Pythonic with Python mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, and stickers. Get 20% off this week only with coupon code “PYCODERS” →

Deciphering Python: How to Use Abstract Syntax Trees (AST) to Understand Code
How does the Python interpreter “know” how to run your code? Matt’s article goes into the basics of parsing and working with Abstract Syntax Trees.
MATT LAYMAN • Shared by Matt Layman

Save and Load Your Keras Deep Learning Models
As usual, this is another in-depth tutorial from Adrian. Comes with source code examples.

The Rise of Python for Embedded Systems Continues
Obviously these folks have a horse in the race here, but it’s cool to see that Python is getting traction in the embedded programming space. I’d definitely prefer to write my IoT logic in Python than in C, if the performance constraints allow it.

Python at Microsoft: Flying Under the Radar
Many Microsoft products now include Python support and this is Steve’s story of how this shift came about.

Using Pip in a Conda Environment
What you can do to avoid breakage when using Conda and Pip together in the same Python environment. From personal (workshop) experience I know that this is something that new Pythonistas run into.

Dockerizing a Python Django Web Application
How to build a simple “Hello World”-style web application written in Django and running it inside a Docker container.

Create PDF Files With Python and Google Docs
Interesting “hack” for generating templated PDF files using Google Docs and a Python script.

Implementing a Plugin Architecture in a Python Application

Django Software Foundation (DSF) 2019 Board Election Results

Spinning Up a Pong AI With Deep Reinforcement Learning
Dive into Python Deep RL by coding a simple Vanilla Policy Gradient model that plays the beloved early 1970s classic video game Pong.

From Python Software Engineer to Engineering Manager
Swaroop is the author of “A Byte of Python” and an engineering manager at HelpShift. In this interview he talks about his experience and the lessons learned moving from an individual contributor role into dev management.
DEVTOMANAGER.COM • Shared by Siddhant Goel

All Things Being Equal: “is” vs “==”
To test equality, Python allows one to use “==” to test for values and “is” to test for identity. Find out the difference between the two in this easy to understand beginner’s article.
HARLIN SERITT • Shared by Ricky White

Projects & Code

Terminals Are Sexy
A curated list of Terminal frameworks, extensions, and resources for CLI lovers. I had no idea what was out there…

loguru: Python Logging Made (Stupidly) Simple
This is a brand-new project but the README looks promising. If you ever felt lazy about configuring logging and used print() instead, this might be worth checking out.

molten: A Framework for Building HTTP APIs With Python

nginxpy: Embed Python in NGINX
Allows you to run embedded Python in the NGINX web server.

secure: Secure Headers and Cookies for Python Web Frameworks
HTTP response headers that, when set, can enhance the security of your web application by enabling browser security policies. Things like X-Frame-Options, Referrer-Policy, and so on.

python-colorlog: Colored Formatter for Python’s Logging Module

Python Template Snippets (VS Code Extension)
A snippet extension for Django and Jinja2 templating engines.
VISUALSTUDIO.COM • Shared by Ricky White

MyPy 0.650 Released

PyTorch 1.0 Released

nbdime: Local Diffing and Merging of Jupyter Notebooks

Happy Pythoning!
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