Issue #31


Sept. 14, 2012

Python 3 RC2, underscore, and much more. 

Issue #31 : Pythonic


Friday, September 14th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas,

You guys probably haven’t noticed but we moved the site off good ‘ol Github earlier this week. Things are humming along now and we will be rolling out some features hopefully by next week on the site that you may find useful.

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Mahdi and Mike
News and Developments.

Python 3.3.0 Release Candidate 2 (
Its getting close now! Python 3.3.0 RC2 is in the wild, click through to check out all the new improvements. Give it a try and report any bugs you find.

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Favorite Tools In Your Python Toolbox (

Projects. ( is a Python port of the popular underscore.js library. Underscore.js provides for support of some of the most popular functional programming functions such as map, reduce, select and invoke. While these are available in Python provides a familar API to those coming over from JavaScript.

Emmet Sublime (
Those of you who use ZenCoder will be glad to hear that Emmet Sublime’s new incarnation is on it’s way. This is definitely a work in progress. Contribute to make it awesome.

Rdio Linux (
This is an attempt to create an app dedicated for playing music from Rdio usable with linux. This library makes use of PyGTK and PyWebKitGTK. Contribute.

hist (
Generate histograms in Gnuplot from the command line.

powerline-bash (
If you use powerline in your vim configuration you may recognize this. Even if you don’t you might like it. This is powerline for bash, a pretty neat interface in your bash prompt. Check out the readme for its features.


Python performance the easyish way (

Plone - The second decade (
Eric Steele the Release Manager for Plone talks about the challenges Plone faces going forward.

A Python Framework for a New Mobile Era (
This sums up the research done by the author for Python framework for building mobile applications, he discusses pros and cons of many frameworks. Kivy is the undisputed winner.

Dear Django, help Python Packaging & Dear Pyramid, help Python Packaging (
In this series of posts Tarek Zaide implores the Django and Pyramid communities to help the Python packaging effort going forward by choosing modern packaging options and adopting best practices rather than using setuptools. Lots more to say about packaging, click through to read the articles for more details.

Prefer WebTest to Django's Test client (
David lays down some arguments for preferring Ian Bicking’s WebTest for functional tests with Django. He illustrates its use with examples as well.

What does pythonic mean? (
Halit goes on to discuss a question asked in EuroPython mailing list. Good read for those of you looking for clarity on the word.

Some patterns for fast Python by Guido (
Python BDFL Guido Van Rossum gives some patterns and tips for writing fast Python code. The comments both at the source and on reddit are worth checking out.

Reconstructing Images Using Damaged Copies (in Python) (

Web-based encrypted file storage using Flask and AWS (


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September 21st, 2012


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