Issue #22

Python Molurus

July 13, 2012

Python Molurus
Celery 3.0, Pycon 2013, and much more!

Issue #22 :  Python Molurus


Friday, July 13th, 2012

Hi Pythonistas,

We have been running a little shirt campaign and is coming to an end this Wednesday. If your so inclined pick up a shirt and support us! 

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News and Developments.

PyCon 2013 (
PyCon 2013 has been announced. PyCon will be held March 13-21st in the same Santa Clara location as 2012.  This year PyCon has a hard Cap of 2500 attendees so be sure to not wait too late to get your passes once they are available.

Julython City Leaderboard (
Last week we mentioned Julython, if you are interested in following the projects and who is doing what in individual cities for Julython, check out the leaderboard.

Celery 3.0.1 (
A new dot release for Celery with tons of improvements. Improved APIs, workers no longer use threads for much greater performance and much more. Reads the docs here.


You could literally change the way the world shops and pays. BorderJump is hiring Python and PHP developers in Nashville, TN.


What's the best tool for creating a GUI with Python? (


sphinx-git (
This allows you to include a git changelog of your sphinx documentation.

subscribely (
Watch out Manpacks. Subscribely is a boilerplate tool for building your own subscription service. Built on top of flask and deployed on Google App Engine.

plop (
Do you like removing slow code? cProfiler too slow? Plop boasts low overhead and minimal performance impact on the overall system, low enough to try in production even. Work in progress worth a look though!

Logr (

quantum (


The compiler rarely knows best (
Alex Gaynor posts a response on his blog to this post, “Does the compiler know best?”.  He discusses the goals and motivations of PyPy and some counterpoints to the original authors claims.

Python 201: Creating Modules and Packages (
For those of you starting out, here is a good tutorial for beginners by Mouse vs. Python. This time he covers modules and packages.

Powerful autocomplete with Redis in under 200 lines of Python (
This is really great. This is an in depth guide to creating a powerful autocomplete system with redis and Python. The author explains with code, how the auto completion algorithms work and how to put it together to make the autocomplete work. You can see the final product packaged up here on github.

Test coverage with nose and (
We love SaltyCrane here at Pycoders. Clear, concise and practical introduction to nose and If you want to start nerding out on tests, check this out.

Django Class-Based View Mixins: Part 1 (
Are you a Django developer? Are you looking to learn about Django class based views? Here is an article that will get you started with using Mixins to decorate your class based views and add functionality.

Simple HTTP Basic Auth Wall (
This is exactly what the title says. Pydanny implements a very simple HTTP basic auth for an app using WSGI middleware and barrel.

Making ctypes Structures beautiful (


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July 20th, 2012


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