Issue #21

One does not simply write a python script.

July 6, 2012

One does not simply write a python script.
Octogit, cement, and much more. 

Issue #21 : One does not simply write a python script.


Friday, July 6th, 2012

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Mahdi and Mike
News and Developments.

Octogit 0.3.2 Released (
Octogit is a really great project by Pycoder’s very own Mahdi. It allows you to interact with Github from the command line. This release boasts speed improvements and tons of bug fixes. Definitely worth a look for you CLI junkies.

iPython 0.13 Released (
iPython the enhanced Python interactive shell released version 0.13.  This version has major updates to its web based notebook interface plus some major new features and lots of bug/regression fixes. Check it out.


When do you think Python 3 will be mainstream? (


ErlPort (
ErlPort is a Python library which implements Erlang external term format and Erlang port protocol for easier integration of Erlang and Python.

Cement is an advanced CLI Application Framework for Python. The inspiration for the project was to help develop both simple and complex CLI applications. Amazing documentation definitely worth a look.

Invoke is a python (2.6+) task execution and management tool. Similar to make and other tools, but lets you interface easily with Python code bases. Still in active development but very cool.

Firstclass (
Firstclass is a proxy email backend for Django that allows for global email transformations such as automatically creating a plain text version of html emails or vice versa. Pretty awesome.

Medusa (
Have you ever needed to generate a static site from an already existing dynamic one. Well either way  you now can with Medusa. This will create static content that will mirror the dynamic site’s output. Boom.

Django Ahoy! (


PHP, Python and Persuasion (
There has been a lot of ranting lately about PHP, core Django develolper Luke Plant chimes in and addresses some points that come up in PHP rants often with the slant of a Python developer.

Python 3’s Marketing Problem (
This article hits the nail on the head. Python3 adoption to say the least has been stagnant Ted outlines the reasons why and maybe even a way to combat the issue with the infamous GIL.

EuroPython 2012 Video Feed (
Couldn’t be at EuroPython 2012? Well here is your opportunity to see all the recorded talks. Click the link to check out the video feed.

Automatic routing for RESTful webpy controllers (

Javaism, Exceptions, and Logging: Part 1  (

Metaclass in Python (
Over at the Agiliq blog Akshar goes into great detail about Python Metaclasses, how they work and how they are used. If you are interested in learning more about Python Metaclasses, this is an excellent place to start.

Nginx & uWSGI Living Together in Your Shed (
Nginx and uWSGI is becoming a popular stack for hosting WSGI applications, this article guides you through the few steps required to get a Flask app up and running on Nginx/uWSGI.

A Raspberry Pi Juke Box (How-to) (
This is pretty awesome. Tarek Zaide posted a how-to guide of how to create a Jukebox with a Raspberry Pi board and some Python code.


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July 13th, 2012


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